Woman shares how to guarantee the ‘princess treatment’ – and the three things you should always do

Woman shares how to guarantee the ‘princess treatment’ – and the three things you should always do

Estate agent shares her tips on how to guarantee ‘princess treatment’ from a man in controversial video – and the ‘three things’ women should do

  • A New York dating expert reveals how to get the princess treatment
  • Women should have high expectations and know the kitchen
  • “Put effort into your looks, women who look the part get the part”

A woman has shared her controversial opinion on how anyone can get ‘princess treatment’ from boyfriends in three easy steps.

New York-based real estate agent and self-proclaimed dating expert Ashtin Evans.

The 25-year-old spent her years in the dating pool doing “market research” to find out which techniques fail and which guarantee a great night.

The woman recently spent a night out to gather “information” about what men think about on first dates and what factors prevent them from going on second dates.

Ashtin’s thesis was that “girls who want princess treatment should act like princesses.”

Ashtin [pictured]From New York, she's a realtor and self-proclaimed dating expert

Ashtin [pictured]From New York, she’s a realtor and self-proclaimed dating expert

1. Don’t act too impressed

Ashtin stated that it’s an instant turn-off where women “become fans” and are easily satisfied.

She insisted that you should be grateful when a date does something right — like take you out to a nice dinner or call you a car — but taking any further steps can be harmful.

“You should be grateful, but not overly impressed,” he said.

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‘[One of my friends] they took a girl on a date to an upscale rooftop bar where they ordered caviar and champagne.

“She said her date was fangirling – like she took out her phone while videoing, she was like, ‘Oh my god, caviar!’ and “I can’t believe we’re drinking Dom Perignon.”

Ashtin’s friend revealed that a simple “Thank you very much, I like caviar” or “This is my favorite champagne” would have been more attractive.

He added: “She should have acted like a princess who has already done this and deserves it.”

2. Be able to order in nice restaurants

The duchess are highly cultured when it comes to food and wine – and before you visit them, you should research the menus of high-end restaurants.

“If you know you’re going to a nice steakhouse, you should already know what temperature you like your steak at. For example, a 6 oz filet is cooked medium.

“Or if you’re going to a wine bar, look up the wines you like so you can look knowledgeable when you order.”

The New Yorker revealed that such behavior is “fascinating and attractive—and righteous princess behavior.”

3. Look like a princess

The final aspect of guaranteeing princess treatment is finding the role.

“It’s superficial,” Ashtin admitted, “but girls who look the part get the part.”

We recommend putting more effort into your hair and makeup, and playing around with different styles of clothing until you find an aesthetic that matches your physique.

“You really need to emphasize your beauty.”

Many were grateful to Ashtin for sharing her tips, while others branded her superficial and questioned whether she was joking.

‘This TOTALLY WORKS. Act like it’s the norm. You wait!

“When men know your expectations, they step it up!” said another. “I regularly went to dinners that were over $700.”

“That’s great advice, and it’s embarrassing that I haven’t acted like this before.”

‘Why are there so many rules? God forbid, be yourself and have fun.

“It’s very shallow and high maintenance.”

“Instead of organizing a whole person to get the treatment you deserve, why not have someone give you what you want without you having to step up?”

“It’s so technical.” I just want to be in love!

“Or be your honest, authentic self and meet someone who likes you.”

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