Woman quits dating after trawling man’s Tinder profile with nasty list of ‘red flags’

Woman quits dating after trawling man’s Tinder profile with nasty list of ‘red flags’

Jenny Bennett was horrified when she came across a man’s Tinder profile full of what she said were “red flags” – including being a feminist and having tattoos.

Jenny Bennett gave up dating after seeing the mean profile(Kennedy News and Media)

Almost all of us have at least one dating horror story, but one woman’s recent experience looking for love on Tinder led her to stop dating altogether after finding a man’s profile that contained a long list of things he thought were “red flags.” – including feminism and being a “pet mom”.

Jenny Bennett, 43, was horrified when she came across the profile of a 40-year-old man named Chris and discovered that his bio was full of mean comments about things that would make her reluctant to date someone.

The union president said he didn’t think Chris was “that cute” when he found his profile, but decided to scroll down and read his bio – which later turned out to be a huge mistake.

Jenny was horrified by Chris’ list of “red flags.”(Kennedy News and Media)
The man will not date feminists, pregnant women, or expectant mothers(Kennedy News and Media)

Even though there is very little information about himself in his profile, Chris has huge expectations for anyone who wants to swipe him and give him a chance.

And while some of Chris’ “red flags” are personal preferences, such as his decision not to date women with tattoos, others were questionable, including his desire not to date a single woman who identifies as a feminist or anyone who is patronizing. choice in abortion rights.

Chris deceptively banned “pronouns” from his dates and said he wouldn’t date anyone who was pregnant or a single mother.

Some of Chris’ most disgusting comments include calling plus-size women “beached whales,” calling LGBTQ+ allies “rainbow sympathizers” and referring to mental health drugs as “head drugs.” “red flag”.

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