Woman pays full tab for date and boyfriend

Woman pays full tab for date and boyfriend

People on TikTok are seriously upset after a woman shared a really cheeky story about being scammed out of an expensive lunch bill.

According to Savannah Gamblin (@savannah_gamblin), she had been dating a guy for a few months before he asked her out to lunch one day and meet his boyfriend for the first time.

“In my mind, it means one of two things,” he explains on his TikTok. “You’re buying, aren’t you, because you invited me to lunch.” Or should I be prepared to pay myself, right? These are my options.”

“I don’t expect you to ever pay me,” Gamblin explained. “But you invite me based on etiquette.” [means] you would pay, right?

All that aside, Gamblin expected the meeting to be a fun, casual lunch. But once he got there, it was clear that they had started without him. In fact, they had both almost finished their plates before she sat down.

Not wanting to hold them up, Gamblin ordered a drink and side salad to speed things up and chatted with his two friends for about 15 to 20 minutes before the bill arrived.

Here things took an even more awkward turn.

“When the waitress comes over, she’s like, ‘So, how do we split this?’ Gamblin recalled.

But before anyone else could answer, the date told the waitress they were putting it all on a card. After hearing this, Gamblin naturally assumed that meant he’d paid for all three meals on his card, and considering his order couldn’t have been more than $15 including tip, he didn’t feel too guilty about it.

But apparently that’s not what he meant.

After the bill arrived, her date did nothing to grab it. He actually just said, “Oh, Savannah has it,” which left him pretty speechless.

“What what?” Gamblin said, looking back at everything. “And they said, ‘Yeah, we’re not paying.’

Inside, she wanted to say something, but instead admits she “panicked” after feeling like she had been put on the spot. He didn’t want to embarrass his date in front of his friend either, even though in retrospect he feels he has every right.

So, not wanting to cause a scene, he took out his card and paid the bill – which was about $100 including everything the other two ordered.

By the end of the clip, Gamblin is clearly angry and admits that he feels taken advantage of in the whole situation.

“It’s not even about the money,” he explained. “It’s about principle.”

Most TikTokers wholeheartedly agreed and immediately took to the comments section to voice their own anger.

“Now I’m mad at you for paying!” a man told him.

“Absolutely not,” said another person. “You should have gone to the waitress and given her $15 and left.” Period. No scene, just DONE.”

“NEVER pay out!!!! GIRRRRLLL!!!!!!!,” another person exclaimed.

In a follow-up comment, Gamblin admitted he’s still mad at himself for “not coming out” on the guy at the moment. But the fact is he didn’t. And now, this moment will probably live on as one of his biggest regrets.

In the end, many felt that Gamblin was going to be played by the guy he saw long before he showed up at the meal.

“I think that was the whole reason he ‘invited’ you to start with you,” someone told him. “He probably told his friend I know how to get free meals lol smh.”

Whether it was or not, people called the guy “classless” and “not worthy” of Gamblin’s time or attention. And while it’s unclear exactly what happened after the incident, Gamblin certainly suggests that she gave up on the guy after it all went down.

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