Woman devastated when boyfriend met ex on stag night – and hid it from her

Woman devastated when boyfriend met ex on stag night – and hid it from her

The woman was “very angry” when she found out her boyfriend’s ex-partner had been invited to a stag do she attended – and tried to keep it a secret.

The woman’s boyfriend attended a stag hunt with his ex-partner (stock photo)(Getty Images)

Traditionally, stag and hen parties are held in the days leading up to the wedding, and usually a group of mates hit the town for several drinks – with a reputation for things getting wildly out of hand.

But a woman was furious with her boyfriend after he went out on a stag do because he didn’t tell her his ex-girlfriend was invited with them.

The woman explained that her boyfriend had gone out on Saturday, leaving her at home with their children, and only told her on Monday that two girls, including her ex-partner, had attended the stag night – five days after she was first told she had been invited. on Thursday.

His partner only told him two days later that his ex was there (stock photo)(Getty Images)

In a post on Mumsnet, the woman said: “After my partner fucked me, I realized that two girls [invited]… girls he knows well, even with whom he was with for a while when he was much younger – ex.

“They’re all mates from sixth form college 20 years ago. Somehow they’re still very ‘close’ because they really like to hang out and ‘party’ (he doesn’t, but his mates do). Even though I live in the same town, I’ve never I didn’t get to know the girls, I admit, maybe I wasn’t even really interested in part.

“I’m very angry about this… my partner didn’t want to tell me they were involved, he knew before but didn’t tell me.”

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The mom admitted that her boyfriend didn’t plan the event, so she didn’t know her ex had been invited until the Thursday before the big night, but she’s still upset that she wasn’t invited with them — especially since there were other women in attendance.

I feel annoyed and frustrated by the pervasive clique of the group. And for all the other reasons I feel disrespected.

She said: “My partner and I have young children, no family support and we struggle a lot from time to time and are on the verge of divorce (like now because of the latest issue). He pays me very little attention, is always whining and critical and hardly there is some attraction between us.. I trust him as much as I trust any partner, but I also know that the boundaries are probably strained.

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