With Telegram, the app runs better on older phones

With Telegram, the app runs better on older phones

Telegram’s fast update rate makes it one of the best messaging apps out there. In early February, the team released a major update to the app that allows you to translate an entire conversation with the click of a button. Just over a month after its release, Telegram has retired version 9.5 of its messaging client with a new power-saving mode that promises to improve the app’s performance on older devices. Other improvements in the latest development include fine-grained control of media playback speed, read receipts in smaller groups over time, and more.


Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram has many more animations and effects that make for a great chatting experience. Despite being optimized, these animations may look sluggish on older phones with low-end hardware. It can also adversely affect the life of your phone’s battery.

So, Telegram v9.5 introduces a new power saving mode that disables resource-intensive tasks such as autoplay of GIFs, animations, stickers, and emoticons to save battery life. There are also separate switches for each effect. You can also set the power saving mode to automatically activate when your phone’s battery drops below a certain level.


Another useful improvement in Telegram v9.5 is that the media player has granular playback speed adjustment capabilities. Thus, the playback speed of videos, voice memos, video messages and other media content can vary between 0.2x and 2.5x. Until now, you could only choose from predefined playback speeds.

To prevent your friends from making excuses for seeing your message late, Telegram displays a detailed read receipt, including the time each person viewed the message in small groups of up to 100 people. Such read receipts are not available in larger groups where you can only see who has read the messages.

Another group-related change is the ability to automatically send a group invite link to someone who has restricted who can add them to groups.

Telegram v9.5 auto invite group links

If you’re a premium Telegram user, this update introduces 10 new custom emoji packs that you can use to spam your friends. The company’s statement also notes that Telegram v9.5 should be more stable and bug-free than before, as the team has addressed more than 400 known issues in this release.

Many other changes were made in Telegram v9.5, you can find the full list of changes in the company’s blog post. You can download Telegram v9.5 update from Play Store or APK Mirror.

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