Why You Should Try Online Dating at LikePlayLikePlay.COM

Why You Should Try Online Dating at LikePlayLikePlay.COM


Last week, we introduced ourselves by renaming our platform “Give you More”. What is LikePlay-LikePlay.COM and please visit our social media handles at the end of this article and follow us.

Based on our interaction and your comments, we want to delve deeper into online dating and how you can benefit from giving it a try. www.likeplaylikeplay.COM online dating offers.

One area of ​​our discussion that we all agreed on is that many people don’t appreciate online dating. Men feel that online dating does not bear good fruit. There are no decent girls, so they feel it’s a waste of time.

On the other hand, ladies avoid online dating platforms because they are harassed, labeled as desperate and people who meet them online think they are not good.

How is it actually now?

However, we all agree that we all need love, play, companionship and hopefully find a good decent loving partner to spend the rest of our lives with. So let’s examine it and start with what we can all 100% agree on, which is that we need the partner of our dreams who won’t turn out to be fake and break our hearts.

Currently, our meeting is limited to the following trips.

  • Introducing acquaintances
  • Through family
  • Old schoolmates
  • Workplace/office or business environment
  • Attend marriages and weddings in the hope that someone catches your eye
  • DMs on Twitter, WhatsApp groups, Facebook and other social media forums

So from this we can see that (a) who you know and (b) your location determines the partner. But… wait, if that person is your true love; who can find true joy is not in the same environment, have you never met them? Let’s say you live in Abuja and your partner lives in Port-Harcourt, but you’ve never met.

How will you know?

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Okay, let’s park there then.

Second point,

You live in a very busy city like Kaduna, Lagos, Port-Harcourt, Enugu or any city where life can be very busy, spend a lot of time in traffic and do a lot to juggle life; and it’s hard to make time for the relationship. Monday through Saturday is very busy, and by the time Sunday rolls around, all you want to do is relax. How long do you do this and finally find time to “find” someone?

What happens when you settle for someone, anyone, just to keep moving, or ask people to match you up with someone they know who is ready to settle down, then you hope for the best?

Okay, let’s park there.


Many are not very social. They don’t want to shuttle themselves from one nightclub or party to another, or they only operate to “meet” potential people with whom to build a relationship. But what options are there if they don’t “go out” to meet people? How can people meet decent, good people without feeling like they have to get up and get dressed and get up and transport themselves when they’re short on fuel and money?

Park this third point as well.


Even if you are a fan of online dating and decide to give it a try, where do you start? The Nigerian sites are nothing to write home about. So you move to international sites… Tinder, Badoo, Bumble, Afro introductions and many of them are out there. These pages are designed for the foreign mindset. They have a different psychology to Africans, no, Nigerians, so they don’t know what’s important to us, how we date or relate.

The end result is a random match based on physical appearance and keep your fingers crossed.

Okay, let’s park one more time.

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So let’s examine the above four points and ask what is the solution???


What We Know

  • We know that most professionals and businessmen are the busiest people in Nigeria and many of them are extremely focused on building a career or their business and never look up to meet good people and enjoy good relationships.
  • A lot of people who live in big cities don’t know where to start and loneliness can be a problem, for example it’s just me and Netflix or DSTV again at the weekend? oh god when
  • Another wedding invitation to another “friends” wedding or naming ceremony. How far? Is your case different?
  • Then you go and search the internet and these places are full of people you will never want to talk to, they post all kinds of videos, pictures, all yeye-yeye people. You sign it.


What we do differently

  • We are online and once we publish our app we will have web, Android and iOS platforms so you can reach us anywhere and everywhere. You can’t be too busy, no restrictions on your location, no rejection on Twitter or FB, just you, your phone and subscribe to our link and download our app. likeplaylikeplay.COM
  • Please note to look for our LOGO. This will prevent you from going to a wrong link that is not from us. There is a certain fake site that also calls itself in our name.

PLEASE make sure it is www.likeplaylikeplay.COM with the logo of a black couple holding each other tightly. If you don’t see our LOGO, it’s NOT us. This will be a fake website that is a copy.

  • No matter how busy you are, we’re just a touch away. Depending on your subscription level, you can meet one person per day or up to ten profiles per day. You don’t have to wait at a busy bus stop or stop work just to meet someone. We are within arm’s reach. likeplaylikeplay.COM
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The weekend is for relaxation and you can continue to chat with a decent, good and interesting person who catches your fancy. No stress. If you sign up now, you’ll know that our app is ready and you can sign up and enjoy peace in your relationship.

  • Third, it doesn’t work everywhere. Why get involved with excessive wahaluur just because you need a relationship? Chat for match carefully selected based on your preferences. Just create a profile and who you are, then tell us what you want (your specifications) and leave the rest to us. You can see specially selected matches in seconds.
  • Finally, we are not a foreign dating platform. We know Nigerians love it and how you want to be noticed, talked to, treated and we know what scares you. When you want to meet someone, we know you don’t want it to be a marketplace. You also value family, friends and relationships.

Our platform does NOT give secrets to girls and cheaters. No urgent #2K people male/female, so we stick to professionals and entrepreneurs. If you see one, report and we take care.

This is not #barholwakadaycome no! We focus on serious people who are looking for an intentional partner for a sweet, beautiful and lasting relationship.

Next week, we’ll take a deep look at How to build the best/good relationship with online dating www.likeplaylikeplay.COM

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