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Why does Disney+ need our gender identity to watch The Mighty Ducks?

Why does Disney+ need our gender identity to watch The Mighty Ducks?


If there’s one thing that never ceases to amaze me as coverage of TV and streaming becomes much more layered and complex, it’s just how many cases there are still of self-inflicted, really bad PR moves by media companies. Just to make it clear? I say “public relations” and not “moral” or “ethical” because those are two qualities you really can’t expect from a corporate entity built for profit. Now, I’m not saying they happen every day, but it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that a good handful happen in any given week. Lately, a lot of this focus (if we’re being honest) has been on Warner Bros. Discovery and the head. David “Disco Dave” Zaslav, who started things off as a bull in a china shop as he began to find what has now become $3.5 billion in cuts. But this time our attention turns to “The Mouse” and apparently a beef that many have with it. Specifically, Disney+ is apparently asking subscribers to submit their date of birth and gender identification by December 8, 2022, in order to continue using the streaming service. And if ever there was one of those moments when a single question sums up all the possible answers to it, this is it. Why?

Image: Twitter Screencap

Look, I’m not a big fan of any of the questions being asked. But with the birthday deal, I can at least rationalize in my head that you’re going to use it to send birthday specials, maybe custom playlists of movies and shows. Hell, you can even email me a birthday card so I can feel like a proud musketeer on my special day. But asking people to gender identify so they can stream The Mighty Ducks seems like a bridge too far. And just so we’re ready? Having an option for someone to respond if they don’t want to respond still forces them into an intimate exchange of information that isn’t necessary.

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Why does Disney+ need us to identify our gender to watch The Mighty Ducks?
Image: Disney+ Screencap

If Disney is doing it for marketing purposes (which they claim they are), then make it an option that people can work around instead of a roadblock for them to binge “She-Hulk.” Because other than that, what’s the point? Are you going to start curating watchlists for people based on gender identification? Yeah… make sure to let me know how the ten seconds of going live with it went before it all went to hell from the backlash. I have a feeling that Disney has a hundred other ways to map us without us knowing. How about letting this one go?

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