Which app is better for dog walkers? – Dog Time

Which app is better for dog walkers?  – Dog Time

Erica Rivera March 3, 2023

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Time is money, and if you’re a dog walker, that’s even more true. You can only walk so many dogs a day, and you want to make the most of the time (and energy) you have available. So it’s no wonder so many dog ​​walkers are using apps to find paid walks. The two biggest dog walking apps are Wag! and Rover. But which one is better for you? Well, both have their pros and cons. We’ll break down the differences between these dog walking apps so you can decide where to invest your precious time (and make big bucks). If your dogs are going to bark anyway, you might as well get paid like a king, right?

Dog walking application requirements

Both applications have similar requirements. You must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • You live in or around the area where the company operates
  • Complete the profile
  • Pass a background check
  • Download the latest version of the dog walking company app

But that’s where the similarities end. Now let’s move on to the unique approach of each dog walking app.

Wag! for dog walkers

The application process is Wag! it’s a bit more complicated than the Rover, so stick with us as we walk you through it (see what we did there?).

First, you need to fill out an application at Wag! approx. This involves creating a profile, including past dog care experience, and gathering five testimonials from family, friends or acquaintances that can speak to your dog’s competence. You’ll also need to complete a short quiz on dog care and safety and submit to a background check. The application processing fee will set you back $49.95, so make sure you’re serious about this dog walking business before you take the plunge.

Once you have submitted all the necessary requirements, it may take approximately two weeks for your application to be approved. Once that’s done, you’ll need to download Wag! Pet Caregiver app (which is different from the regular Wag! app) and create a Stripe account where you can share your credit card or bank account details to get paid.

Finally, you’re ready to go. Dog owners choose you or Wag! will recommend it to you. You will receive notifications about bookings through the app. Confirm it and you are ready to start walking.

Now how much do you get for this walk? Well, there are a lot of dog walkers out there taking umbrage with Wag! You can’t set your own fees (Wag! does that for you), and for a dog, it ranges from $12.75 to $19.99 for a 20-minute walk, and $25.50 to $36.99 for a one-hour walk. But this pasta isn’t just for you; Wag! He keeps 40%.

And that’s why many dog ​​walkers go to the competition…

Rover for dog walkers

Rover enables dog walkers to find self-employed work in dog walking, pet sitting, pet boarding and doggy daycare, and drop-in services.

To become a Rover dog walker, you must create a profile on the company’s application. You’ll need to provide your contact information, specify which services you offer and when they’re available, and set your prices. You will also be expected to share a photo, work experience and references. Then it’s time to take a quick quiz and agree to a background check, which may cost you some money. Once completed, your profile should be approved within 5-10 business days.

Once your profile is approved, it will be visible to pet owners who can contact you through Rover to book services. Many pet owners want to get to know you a little better and ask questions before booking. You’ll have to sell yourself to some extent to get a job on Rover, as the app won’t do the heavy lifting for you.

Now let’s get to the good stuff: the pay. With Rover you can set the rate which is fantastic… but of course Rover takes the fee off the top which is currently 20% of every booking. Funds are distributed by direct deposit, which requires you to provide your bank account information and social security number.

Bottom line

Which is better for dog walkers: Wag! or Rover? It depends. If you’re more entrepreneurial, like to be in control of the services you offer (and the fees you charge for them), and want to get to know your dog walking clients on a more intimate level, then Rover may be a better fit. thee. However, if you just want someone to tell you when to show up and how much you’ll get paid for it, Wag! maybe more your style. No matter which app you use, the good news is that you’ll likely get plenty of one-on-one time with adorable pups and heart-healthy exercise for yourself. As for the side hustle, we call it a win-win!

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