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Where was the Disney+ series filmed?

Where was the Disney+ series filmed?

Willow coming to Disney+ on Wednesday, November 30, 2022. Acclaimed screenwriter Jonathan Kasdan is developing this upcoming sequel to the 1988 film of the same name.

While Warwick Davis returns as the lovable Willow Ufgood in the TV series, Val Kilmer, aka Madmartigan, will be sorely missed.

Davis aside, Joanne Whalley, Kevin Pollak and Rick Overton will also reprise their roles.

The Disney+ series Willow was shot in Wales

Since Willow is a dark fantasy adventure, the shooting locations had to be dreamy and exotic. So the team chose Wales as their primary location, which was also where the 1988 film was shot.

Production began last June at Dragon International Film Studios, located in Bridgend, Wales. The 16-year-old establishment is located about 23 kilometers from Cardiff, the Welsh capital, and has five sound stages.

It was also there productions such as BBC’s Doctor Who, Up Downand MerlinUniversal Studios Brave new worldand FX Networks Bastard executionerwas, among other things, set up.

For the series, a set replicating a medieval village was erected in Dragon, according to reports.

Apart from the studio, pictures were taken at several outdoor locations in Wales, such as Dinorwic Quarry (which formed the backdrop for Queen Bavmorda’s Nockmar Castle), Tenby, Saundersfoot and Pendine Sands.

The team moved shooting to Pendine Sands last October

Pendine Sands was one of the most important locations for the crew, but shooting along the coast in October was not easy. They had to contend with heavy rain and harsh climatic conditions.

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Filming footage of a rider aboard a horse and a vehicle that allegedly looked like a mix of a stagecoach, boat and sleigh proved to be quite the task.

From @TonyRevolori “I remember having to beg our costume designer Sarah Young to add pockets to keep my phone or film cameras with me. When I didn’t have those pockets, I had to put them in the boot or hide them somewhere on the kit. Maybe it will be the new version of the coffee cup.”

Notably, the series was shot across Wales over the summer, including Saundersfoot, where leading man Warwick Davis was photographed in September 2021 enjoying dinner at the Mulberry Restaurant with his family.

According to reports, filming also took place at Morlais Quarry in South Wales (which may be the backdrop for one of the burnt castles), Mynydd Llangynidr Quarry in the Brecon Beacons and Pontsticill Reservoir.

✨🧙💚From @amarchadhapatel “I didn’t realize how much I would love quarries… But after 8 months of Welsh quarries I can confirm they are underrated and excellent shooting locations. We don’t give the rocks enough credit.”

At the start of production last year, the Welsh Government released a statement expressing how “hugely excited” they are to welcome the team.

“We’re also very excited to welcome Lucasfilm to Wales. Lucasfilm will film Willow, an epic fantasy adventure series, which will debut on Disney+ in 2022. The series continues the spirit of adventure, heroism and humor of Ron Howard’s 1988 feature film, which recorded in Llanberis in Gwynedd.”

What can you expect in the series?

According to IMDb, the synopsis reads:

“Twenty years after defeating the evil queen Bavmorda, wizard Willow Ufgood leads a group of misfits on a dangerous rescue mission into the unknown.”

The trailer, which was released in October, indicates that this new series will be an action-packed comedy. It shows how Davis’ Willow and his team search for the now-adult Elora Danan, who has disappeared without a trace.

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Actors Tony Revolori, Erin Kellyman, Ruby Cruz, Ellie Bamber and Amar Chadha-Patel play the roles of his teammates. The clip also has decent doses of magic and sorcery sprinkled throughout.

We’re at The Magic Castle for a special screening of #Will.✨The Original series from Lucasfilm is only streamed on Wednesdays @DisneyPlus.

When asked about his role, Davis said that Willow is an “important character” as he motivates people with physical disabilities.

“People often say how the film allowed them to escape from their real experiences at the time, how it gave them hope. I think the character of Willow is quite inspiring.”

He added that it was “really cool to go back to the character again.”

The series airs on Disney+ on Wednesday 30 November 2022.

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