Whatsapp Business: WhatsApp Business app on iPhone may get this feature soon

Whatsapp Business: WhatsApp Business app on iPhone may get this feature soon

WhatsApp, a popular instant messaging service owned by meta, is available on various platforms including Android, iOS and the web. The company is constantly adding new features to its messaging platform to attract more users and take on rival apps such as Telegraph. Mobile users are offered two different versions of the app – a normal WhatsApp app and another WhatsApp Business approx. WAbetaInfo reports that the company recently pushed a new update (version through the TestFlight beta program iPhones. With this new update, WhatsApp plans to introduce the Communities function in the Business application. The company has also started testing this feature with some beta testers and the feature is expected to be available to more users with the upcoming update. The Communities feature is currently under development for the business version of the app.
How this feature helps WhatsApp Business users on iPhone
WhatsApp Business beta testers on Android can now create and manage communities. With this feature, WhatsApp Business iPhone users can do the same. This feature is currently available for iPhone users through the TestFlight app. WhatsApp is making an exception to make Communities available to more business users with an upcoming update.
How the communities will work WhatsApp Business on iPhone
The report shared some screenshots that explain how the Communities feature will work in WhatsApp Business on iPhone. According to the screenshots, WhatsApp is planning to add a new entry point to communities in the app’s settings. To add the Communities option, WhatsApp may not remove the Business Tools tab introduced in 2022.
This feature allows businesses to access a list of communities they have previously joined. This includes their subgroups and community reporting groups. Moreover, just like the Communities section available in the regular app, WhatsApp Business users can also create new communities.

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The importance of communities in WhatsApp Business
WhatsApp Communities can transform the way businesses communicate with their customers on WhatsApp. For example, this feature helps businesses create dedicated communities and subgroups to collect valuable feedback from their customers. This can be especially important for businesses that want to improve their communication channels and customer engagement.

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