Wellness phone app now available for law enforcement agencies in Washington State | Washington

Wellness phone app now available for law enforcement agencies in Washington State |  Washington

(The Center Square) – Washington state law enforcement officers now have access to a mobile app focused on their well-being.

CORDICO app from here Lexipol provides officers with anonymous on-demand access to wellness techniques, suicide prevention, resilience, physical fitness, nutrition and other behavioral health support. According to Lexipol, users can self-assess and view updated videos, guides and articles on more than 60 behavioral health topics. Officers also have access to peer support, therapists and chaplains.

The app is the result of a report released in 2021 by the Washington, D.C. Law Enforcement Officer Mental Health Task Force. The report found that law enforcement’s exposure to trauma and substance abuse can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and an increased risk of suicide. .

The Washington State Legislature last year allocated $1 million to the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police for the app. According to the association, it is now available free of charge to active and retired law enforcement, corrections and dispatch professionals and their family members.

Rep. Mari Leavitt (D-28) sponsored the original funding for the app after learning more about the need for officer wellness support while traveling with Steilacoom Police Chief Tom Yabe.

“We deeply appreciate the support of Rep. Leavitt and his legislative colleagues for providing important and critical support to our state’s officers, deputies, troopers, corrections officers, communications centers and their families,” said Washington Association Executive Director Steve Strachan. sheriffs and police chiefs. “It’s needed now more than ever.”

Suquamish Police Chief Mike Lasnier, Shelton Police Chief Carol Beason, Bothell Police Chief Ken Seuberlich and Langley Police Chief Tavier Wasser worked with the association to select the CORDICO application to provide services in Washington state. Központi tér reached out to Seuberlich for comment on the application, but he was unavailable for comment at the time of publication.

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In his statement, Lasnier said that while an average person may experience a few critical incidents in their lifetime, the police are present at hundreds.

“While officers are expected to function flawlessly in intense moments of danger, loss, violence, horror and death, such incidents can leave a lasting impact,” Lasnier said. “Officers and their families need ways to relieve stress and dread so it doesn’t take over their lives. This app provides resources for first responders to stay healthy and fit to continue serving.”

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