We asked a dating expert to predict the winners of Love Island 2023

We asked a dating expert to predict the winners of Love Island 2023

He thinks Lana loves Ron a lot more than he loves her

After two months of breezy and occasional fun, the winter Love Island 2023 finale is slowly creeping up. The new winners of Love Island will be crowned on March 13, and it’s only three months until we meet a whole new group of islanders.

Whether you’re a die-hard Love Island fan and have been rooting for the OG couples since the beginning, or you’ve switched it up and are rooting for a pair of bombshells, it’s all revealed.

Heart Bingo teamed up with relationship expert and dating app So Syncd co-founder Louella Alderson to predict the winners of Love Island 2023 and share her thoughts on the compatibility of current couples.

Kai and Sanam

Love Island 2023 Winners Predictions

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Kai and Sanam have won the hearts of the nation since they tied the knot during Casa Amor and it is very fair to predict that they could be the winners of Love Island 2023. Not surprisingly, Louella thinks they are the most compatible of the other couples.

Louella said Kai and Sanam undeniably have “genuine chemistry” and staying out of the drama bodes well for them. “Kai and Sanam genuinely loved and supported each other during their time on the island, and it just goes to show that true love doesn’t always have to be tumultuous,” she explained.

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“They prove that a foundation of open communication and mutual understanding is needed to make a relationship work.” Louella called the couple “down-to-earth individuals” who know how to communicate “honestly and openly” with each other.

Louella added: “Life outside the villa could be really great for this couple as they have the perfect foundation to build a lasting relationship.”

Samie and Tom

Love Island 2023 Winners Predictions

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Tom and Samie may not be the books for viewers right now, but their chemistry is undeniable. Even though it wasn’t the easiest trip to the villa, “Casa Amor has definitely worked for them,” says Louella.

She said: “Tom has made her realize how much she likes Samie and has made her more open about her feelings for him. Since then, they can make up for lost time. They clearly enjoy each other’s company and find it easy to be around each other. They really seem to support each other and make a great team.”

Their “undeniable sexual chemistry” also works in their favor. Louella explained: “This could be just the beginning for them outside the villa as they have all the makings of a strong and lasting couple. Provided they can avoid the drama and focus on communication, they should be able to make it work.”

Will and Jessie

Love Island 2023 Winners Predictions

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Will and Jessie didn’t have the easiest time in the villa, but they always had each other’s backs in every situation. “Will was Jessie’s rock and stood up for her when others made judgments about her,” Louella explained.

“Jessie really appreciated that and put Will’s behavior at Casa Amor behind her. It’s important to stick with your partner because they’re part of the team and you want them to feel supported. By showing loyalty and respect, it strengthens the bond between partners and strengthens their trust in each other.”

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However, Louella doesn’t think Will and Jessie’s relationship can work long-term if Jessie moves back to Australia, and their relationship depends on Jessie moving to the UK or not.

Shaq and Tanya

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Shaq and Tanya are the second least compatible couple in Love Island’s winter villa and despite their ‘genuine chemistry’, Louella thinks they need to work on their issues to ‘live long lives outside the villa’.

Louella said: “Shaq showed that he’s a very jealous person and that’s not something that went down well with Tanya as he reminded her of her ex. Tanya was also quite immature at times. He seems like someone who wants what he sees in front of him, but doesn’t necessarily think about the consequences of his actions.”

For Shaq and Tanya to make their relationship work, Louella believes, they need to learn “how to compromise and trust each other.” “They need to learn to accept each other’s faults, be open and honest with each other, and have realistic expectations for the relationship,” she explained.

Ron and Lana

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Predictably, the winners of Love Island 2023 will not be Ron and Lana. Louella believes that Ron and Lana are the least compatible couple on Love Island due to their lack of sexual chemistry, which many viewers have picked up on. Louella said: “It’s important for couples to have physical chemistry and feel comfortable together. Otherwise, there is a risk that there will be no real spark.”

Much like the public, Louella picked up on Lana’s feelings for Ron because they are stronger than hers for him. He said: “This imbalance of power is difficult to manage in a relationship in the long term. Over time, you may feel that you are giving more to the relationship than you are getting. Relationships can’t survive based on one person’s emotions, so it could be a problem if Lana and Ron get out of the villa together.”

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However, if Ron and Lana want to have a successful relationship outside of Love Island, Louella believes they need to “continue to build trust and open communication while making sure they’re comfortable in their relationship.”

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