Watch the “Love Is Blind” Season 4 trailer and meet the cast

Watch the “Love Is Blind” Season 4 trailer and meet the cast

Back to the pods! Season 4 trailer Love is blind has dropped — and that promises plenty more drama.

Just like the previous episodes of the Netflix dating series – hosted by a married couple Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey – Season 4 begins with a group of singles getting to know each other through personal conversations. As they make connections and ask probing questions, contestants don’t know what the person they’re talking to looks like.

Although the characters don’t see each other, the trailer shows the contestants getting emotionally vulnerable and opening up about their dating fears.

“I have doubts at my age and I can’t find someone,” Tiffany admits during a confessional.

For his part, Brett laments that he could find his perfect match only to lose them.

“You can imagine this great future with someone, and then that person is gone,” she shared.

The teaser features several contestants brought to tears by conversations in the booths. “I’m sorry, I’m crying,” Bliss says during a conversation.

After pouring their hearts out, couples who form a strong enough connection to get engaged move on to the next phase of the reality series — meeting in person, going on a tropical getaway with other couples, living together in the real world, and finally deciding at the altar.

“I’m engaged,” Micah whispers in the trailer. Reflecting on moving in with her fiance, Kwame exclaims, “We live in a house together. It’s full grown-up.”

As couples transition from the vagina to reality, cracks begin to form in their relationships.

“I don’t want to live in a marriage where your parents hate me. You know, Romeo and Juliet didn’t work for a reason,” Zack says to a group of his buddies at first glance.

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Meanwhile, Jackelina complains to her beau that their relationship lacks physical intimacy.

“We’re not having sex, bro,” he says, then adds, “How are you going to get it.”

The teaser gives a glimpse into the happy and stressful moments leading up to the wedding of the engaged couple; Chelsea smiles as she tries on a wedding dress while another bride skips a shopping appointment.

“He didn’t show up for the fitting of the wedding dress,” 36-year-old Brett admits to a friend.

In the final seconds of the trailer, 26-year-old Micah hints at uncertainty in his partner’s mind as the couple stand before their loved ones at the altar.

“The best thing I can do for us at this point is to give you the opportunity to respond first,” she says.

The romance, fighting and second-guessing begins on Friday, March 24, when the first five episodes of Season 4 premiere on Netflix. New episodes will premiere every Friday until the season finale on April 14.

Keep scrolling to meet the cast of Season 4 Love is blind:

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