WaPo: Support for Ukrainian refugees in Europe is decreasing

WaPo: Support for Ukrainian refugees in Europe is decreasing

The newspaper questions to what extent Europe is able to absorb Ukrainian refugees.

  • Ukrainian refugees gather at a train station in Poland.
    Ukrainian refugees gather at a train station in Poland

According to a report published by the American newspaper The Washington Post, European support for Ukrainian displaced persons and refugees hosted or expected to be hosted in European countries has decreased as the war in Ukraine approaches the end of its first year.

The report stated that “the energy crisis in Europe, the high prices of fuel and natural gas, in addition to the inflation crisis, the high prices and the cost of living, have all become an obstacle for the Europeans who want to provide financial support to Ukrainians arriving in their country.”

“A European citizen who was able to host or secure a rent allowance for a Ukrainian family is now in a difficult situation,” the report said.

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“He is no longer able to secure his basic needs, or he secures them with difficulty,” the news outlet said, questioning the extent to which the European Union can accept the Ukrainians.

as per WaPo Citing a report published by the UNCHR, “more than 2 million Ukrainian refugees have settled in Western or Southern Europe, but many prefer to stay in Ukraine’s neighboring countries, such as Poland, Hungary, Moldova and Romania.”

The Europeans are less enthusiastic about supporting the Ukrainians

Earlier in November, a survey conducted by the newspaper revealed the deep cultural aversion of Germans to military intervention in Ukraine, noting that “Russia – in its attempt to use energy as a weapon – has reduced the supply of gas to Europe. As a result, prices have risen tenfold from their previous levels and supplies are simply running out .”

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The impact of the war in Ukraine has led to fear in Germany of continued support for the Ukrainians, according to the survey.

The newspaper concluded from the surveys that energy prices are not the main issue. It turns out, as other polls have found, that while Germans support Ukraine’s fight against the Russian military operation, they believe that “Germany has already done enough.”

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There are, “two factors — their historical memory of German aggression in World War II and concern about the costs of hosting refugees — are more important than energy prices in German public opinion regarding aid to Ukraine,” the news outlet said.

Another report published by WaPo in October revealed that the European Union is falling behind on its commitments to provide Ukrainian refugees with adequate housing, jobs and education for their children.

About 3 million Ukrainians returned to Ukraine, either because it seemed safe enough or because life as a refugee was simply too much to bear, the report added.

The paper concluded by warning that while the war continues and its cascading effects hit across the continent, the shift from temporary relief to long-term support is putting the EU bloc’s commitments to the test.

Since the beginning of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine, the European Union has sought to restrain Russia by imposing various sanction and punishment mechanisms.

But due to the EU’s over-reliance on Russian gas, anti-Russian sanctions have harmed EU citizens more than Russia, and as EU governments struggle to find alternatives to Russian oil, the masses are taking to the streets to voice their opposition. to the war in Ukraine.

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