UTA launches a new digital fare payment system with the Transit app

UTA launches a new digital fare payment system with the Transit app

As part of a new partnership, the Utah Transit Authority has launched a new digital fare payment system that allows riders to plan their trips, track their trip in real-time and purchase fares within the Transit app.

UTA launches a new digital fare payment system with the Transit app

The Utah Transit Authority (UTA) has announced the launch of a new digital fare payment system with Masabi and the Transit app. Now, riders can use Transit to plan trips and pay for services on the agency’s network of more than 120 routes and a 1,400-mile service area that includes bus, commuter and light rail, as well as on-demand transit and streetcar services.

UTA riders can purchase fares on Transit, create an account, and enter their credit card information to purchase tickets. When ready to travel, customers can activate their ticket and show it to the operator upon boarding.

By allowing passengers to plan, track and pay for their trip in a single app, UTA provides its customers with reliable and intuitive service at every step of the journey. The partnership enables a single app for a seamless multimodal experience.

The Transit app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play, and UTA riders can purchase and use all of the agency’s fare products, including monthly passes and group rides. For the first time, Transit also supports origination and destination fares, allowing riders to use the app to purchase tickets for FrontRunner, UTA’s commuter train.

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UTA joins more than 35 agencies that make it easy for riders to use their services by offering the best ticketing and application experience across both companies. The service is available to agencies of all sizes and can be deployed as a stand-alone application or alongside existing mobile ticketing capabilities.

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“UTA is very excited about the new mobile ticketing service now available in the Transit app,” said Jerry Van Wie, UTA Fare Systems Program Manager. “The Transit app is used across the country and integrates with many different fare systems in the industry. The app provides a one-stop shop, allowing our customers, many of whom already use the Transit app, to plan their trips with mobile ticketing and then pay their fares through the same app.”

David Block-Schachter, Transit Chief Business Officer, said, “Since 2019, UTA passengers have relied on Transit to find their next trip and track their trip in real time. In 2021, we also launched an on-demand microtransit integration with UTA. Adding the ability to purchase transit fares is another big step toward giving riders everything they need in one app.”

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