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Uproar in social media over satanic message in Disney+ Show

Uproar in social media over satanic message in Disney+ Show

The new Tim Allen series The Santa Clauses has premiered on Disney+ and is a big audience hit. The nostalgic feeling produced by a return to Scott Calvin’s North Pole gets us right into the heart of the 90s kids. It’s nostalgic in all the right ways. Of course, while there’s a lot to love about the new show, fans have found something to be upset about.

There is a scene where the elves say goodbye to Santa Claus. Each elf holds a letter, and the collective intends to spell the words “We love you, Santa.” But for comedic value, the elves get mixed up and briefly spell out, “We love you, Satan.” Santa touches his face lightly and says: “Spell!” Realizing their mistake, the elves scramble to get in the right order, delivering the “We love you, Santa” message they intended. It’s a joke. But many have decided that there is nothing funny about it.

A viral post has been circulating social media, suggesting that Disney has a satanic agenda and that “they don’t even try to hide it anymore.” Tweets, YouTube videos, and Facebook posts all show the beginning of the joke, but not the conclusion where it is directed. They have denounced Disney as evil and “woke up” to it and questioned why Disney wants children to be satanic.

The Santa Clauses

Credit: Twitter/Disney

This snapshot, rather than the whole scene, has given many the impression that there are direct satanic messages in the Christmas show. It clearly isn’t. The problem is that the clips floating around the internet are cleverly edited to hide the context.

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Yet, even when confronted with the entire scene, many refuse to believe this is a joke.

Some even went full conspiracy theory by comparing the church floors to the Masonic Attic (which has always been the source of gossip, rumor and conspiracy), despite the fact that many traditional churches also have checkered floors (ie Westminster Abbey).

Of course, there’s the standard “Walt is rolling in his grave” comment:

And the traditional calls for a boycott:

The backlash is surprising, considering that the show has openly stated that they intend to put Christian themes into the story. In fact, Tim Allen stated that it was his only condition for returning to do the series. Christian media organizations have even published that the claims of Satanism in the show are baseless.

Santa Claus is currently available on Disney+. The series premiered its first two episodes on November 16, 2022, and subsequent episodes have been released every Wednesday. With only two more episodes left in the short six-episode run, now is the perfect time to get caught up on the finale. Billed as a “limited series”, it’s unlikely that there will be a season 2, but this show will undoubtedly become a staple of Christmas viewing for years to come.

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