Updating Google TV saves you from constantly jumping between apps

Updating Google TV saves you from constantly jumping between apps

What you need to know

  • Google TV adds new content pages to the For You page.
  • These new sites help users find movies, shows, family content and entertainment in Spanish.
  • The navigation update is available on Google TVs, including Chromecast with Google TV and other TVs.

The Google TV interface is constantly changing as Google adds tweaks here and there to make it easier to navigate and find content. The latest change hits both counts: new content pages are rolling out to Google TV users in the US

Google announced the change on Thursday, which brings four new pages to the Google TV For You tab. These pages are categorized by Movies, Shows, Family, and Español (Spanish), and each landing page features content from apps you subscribe to, so you can easily jump into a movie or show without having to switch between apps.

The Movies and Shows pages are pretty self-explanatory. On the Movies page, you can search for content by title, genre, or topic, and both the Movies and Shows pages have recommendations for content you might like.

Google TV content pages

(Image credit: Google)

The Family Page contains family-friendly content rated PG or lower for younger audiences. So the whole family can enjoy entertaining movies together. Individual children can still access their own profiles if they want to view this content on their own.

Google TV's new family site

(Image credit: Google)

Finally, the Español page makes it easy to find Spanish-language content for Spanish-speaking or bilingual households. Here, users can watch movies, telenovelas and live TV, and access content from apps like Pantaya and FlixLatino.

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The new español page of Google TV

(Image credit: Google)

Google says it’s making these changes based on research that shows most households subscribe to more than five different entertainment apps. The updated navigation makes it easier to scan the available content. It launches today in the US on Google TV devices such as Chromecast with Google TV.

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