“UP Rahi” app for hassle free bus travel

“UP Rahi” app for hassle free bus travel

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Saturday launched a ticket booking and passenger feedback app – ‘UP Rahi’. (Photo: Twitter)

To improve the state’s transport system, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Saturday launched a ticket booking and passenger feedback app called ‘UP Rahi’.

Apart from allowing users to pre-book bus travel from the comfort of their homes, the app also offers a cashless service. In addition, passengers can provide feedback about their journey, the behavior of the bus driver-guide, the condition of the bus and other related issues through the application.

With the introduction of the application, millions of bus passengers in the state will be able to ensure hassle-free travel. Passengers can download the app from the Google Play Store. Apart from English, the app is also available in Hindi.

UPSRTC IT Managing Director Yuzvendra Kumar informed that with this app passengers can book tickets through digital media. All they need to do is register after downloading the app. After registration, they can use all the functions of the application.

The most important feature of the application is ticket booking. Currently, you can buy a ticket with cash or a digital device while traveling on a bus. This system has many problems. If cash is involved, the guide may run out of short change and the passenger will eventually have to give up their balance. When it comes to cashless transactions, we often encounter network problems.

“By introducing the application, you will get rid of these problems. Users can use QR code, UPI, credit card, debit card or any other digital payment method to purchase tickets through the app. Passengers do not need to print the ticket after booking. They can travel by showing the booking status on the app itself,” he said.

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Apart from this, the second most important feature of the app is passenger feedback. An option has been made available in the app for passengers who want to provide any information related to their trip. In their feedback, they can provide details about the staff, including the behavior of the conductor or whether the driver drove the bus properly.

Passengers can share their feedback on ten such points. The experience of the passenger’s journey goes directly to the staff of the department. “Their suggestions give us the opportunity to improve our services. Compilation of information from feedback will help address gaps and improve quality,” said Kumar.

Apart from this, according to Yuzvendra Kumar, the app has some useful features. With the help of passengers, they can trace their previous journey. In this way, they can keep all their previous transactions safe. In addition, when purchasing a ticket, customers can choose from among the buses. For example, if they decide to take a Volvo bus, the app will inform them whether a Volvo bus is available on their route or not. Similarly, if there is a non-stop bus on their route, this information will also be displayed.

There will be information about all bus types like Low Floor AC Buses, Rajdhani, Ordinary, Janrath, AC Sleeper, Pink Express, Shatabdi and Gramin Sewa. By entering the name of the destination in the application, you can see which bus is running on the given route and when. They can also choose the pick-up point according to their convenience.

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