unique makeup dispensers integrated into a mobile application

unique makeup dispensers integrated into a mobile application

In 2021, French cosmetics and personal beauty products company L’Oreal filed a patent for an innovative device that was published earlier this year. The unique patented design allows consumers to create and create blended cosmetics that are shade-matched to the user’s exact skin tone and color using the phone app.

Using proprietary cosmetic color cartridges, the design has since been used to create two consumer products: the Perso 3-in-1 Personalized Home Beauty Tool from L’Oreal and the Rogue Sur Mesure Custom Lip Color Creator from YSL. Detailed on L’Oreal’s website, the Perso is a six-and-a-half-inch beauty technology device that “offers personalized, on-site skin care and cosmetic formulas.”

By combining a consumer interface with artificial intelligence, Perso offers an unprecedented level of user personalization to create and dispense customized lip and skincare colors that perfectly match the user’s skin tone and color. The device works through the Perso mobile app, which analyzes users’ face and geographic environment, as well as information about personal preferences, targeting specific concerns such as dry skin and fine lines. The device then takes all these inputs into account to create and dispense a single dose of perfectly matched and composed product for consumer use.

Rogue Sur Mesure, on the other hand, uses the same technological advancements in a more compact model that exclusively offers users personalized lip color. As detailed on YSL’s website, the device allows users to “create thousands of unique shades with YSL’s color expertise and state-of-the-art PERSO technology.” Using the same basic functionality as Perso, consumers select their desired color cartridge set, then use the YSL mobile app to match the shade to the lip color that best matches their coloring, as well as use the app to analyze and dispense lip color. that matches their outfit with Shade Stylist.

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