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TV streaming service of the year

TV streaming service of the year

(Pocket-lint) – Streaming entertainment platforms continue to go from strength to strength, and there are now more options than ever to stream the latest and greatest content directly to your TV, laptop or smartphone.

It’s a highly contested category with many good options vying for the top spot.

With advances in not only the quality of exclusive content produced for these services, but also improvements to the user experience and quality of streams, there is much to consider.

But at our annual EE Pocket-Lint Awards, there can only be one champion. Here are the results for 2022.

TV streaming service of the year: Disney+


Disney+ hasn’t been around as long as some of the other contenders, but in a relatively short time the platform has cemented itself as a must-have subscription for fans of almost any genre. This is especially true for Marvel lovers, Star Wars fans and, of course, Disney fanatics.


With some of the best original programming around, most of which is available in 4K with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, Disney+ delivers excellent content with superb fidelity.

Whether you prefer the gritty space adventures to Star Wars Andorthe comic nostalgia of Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers or the dark weirdness of Marvel’s Moon Knightthere really is something for everyone on Disney+.

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Highly recommended: Netflix

There’s a reason why Netflix is ​​one of the most popular streaming services out there, and it’s not because it’s one of the oldest, it’s because it consistently delivers some of the best original programming.

In 2022 we saw Stranger Things continues to take the world by storm, the stunning conclusion to Ozark and finally got to visit the cult favorite again Russian doll – to name a few shows in an absolutely packed list.

Netflix also launched its new ad-supported tier this year, offering a cheaper option to grow its already huge audience.

The best of the rest

While Disney+ took our top spot and Netflix came in second, the other nominees still brought a lot to the table in 2022. Amazon Prime Video continued to deliver excellent original programming that The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power and The boys. Apple TV+ gave us hits like Severance pay and Ted Lasso. BBC iPlayer gave us 4K HDR programming without the need for a subscription. And finally, Now brought us Sky Originals and HBO hits like House of the Dragon.

What are the Pocket-lint Awards?

The EE Pocket-lint Awards take place annually to celebrate the best in technology from the previous 12 months. Products must be fully reviewed by the Pocket-lint team to be considered for the awards, and judging takes place towards the end of the year. Through a process of longlisting and shortlisting, the panel of expert judges score the units to result in the overall winner and a highly commended runner-up.

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The Pocket-lint Awards were held for the 19th time in 2022.

Written by Luke Baker. Editing by Britta O’Boyle.

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