Top Chef: Padma Lakshmi shares an update on her dating life

Top Chef: Padma Lakshmi shares an update on her dating life

Then Chef The best premiere of season 20 was headed to Padma Lakshmi on March 9 Watch What Happens With Andy Cohen live to serve it all. But Andy Cohen didn’t just field questions about cheftestants. The host of the talk show also asked Padma about her love life. Fortunately, Padma was happy to share her relationship class cooking.

Towards the top of the show, the Chef The host yelled that he hadn’t “intruded” much lately. “Is that true? Padma, we have to change this!” Andy said.

In the clip above, Padma talks about the twists and turns of “Pillow Talk” while playing. She admitted that shoulders are the first physical feature she notices in a man she is attracted to.

The cookbook author also revealed that frozen grapes are her greatest culinary experience and that Christopher Reeves was her first celebrity crush. When Andy asked Padma, “What kind of food do you make for someone you really care about?” he had a very blunt answer. “Anything in a bowl, preferably something that can be torn apart,” he shared.

Padma shared that Bali is the most romantic international city she has ever been to. And when it came to his preferred style of spooning, he used a metaphor that involved multiple dishes. “Usually, [I prefer to be] the ladle, but if I really trust you, the steak knife,” he said.

The new season Chef contains the winners and finalists of the different versions of the Top 11 Chef. This time they are all competing for the title of World All-Stars.

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The all-star chefs return to the London kitchen to battle it out before moving on to the grand finale in Paris. This epic showdown is the first time that the flagship release Chef went abroad for a full season.

In the Season 20 trailer, Tom Colicchio commented, “The competition has gotten really serious.” He later adds that the food “exceeded our expectations.”

There is no word on whether the challenges are related to frozen grapes.

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