Top 5 Apps to Track Festivals in India

Top 5 Apps to Track Festivals in India

Top 5 Apps to Track Festivals in India

In a country as diverse as India, keeping track of all the national holidays and festivals can be tricky. In addition, each state has its own holidays. For people using Gregorian calendar apps, keeping track of Indian holidays can be a bit tricky. However, there are apps that do this for you. In this article, we present the top 5 apps for tracking festivals in India.

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Indian holiday calendar

THE Indian holiday calendar The app contains a complete list of Indian holidays and festivals, including bank holidays, national and state holidays, stock market holidays and festivals of all Indian religions and local regions. You can search for holidays in the calendar or browse through the different categories. This app also sends notifications about upcoming holidays and you can add reminders for any date.

2023 calendar business planner

THE 2023 calendar business planner Developed by Bharat Calendars, this app provides a comprehensive list of Indian festivals and holidays. On this application, you can also find public holidays of other countries. In addition, you can synchronize this calendar with Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar, choose different topics, schedule meetings, set reminders and do a lot of customization.

Indian calendar

THE Indian calendar The app includes public holidays and festivals and other important dates published in the gazette of India. This app also allows you to view Hindi calendar. In addition, you can set reminders, sync with Google Calendar, use the date calculator, and leave notes and posts with total ease.

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2023 calendar with holidays

THE 2023 calendar with holidays application allows you to view the Gregorian calendar or the Hindu calendar. All major holidays and festivals are listed at the bottom of each month. You can also read information about the festival on the app itself. You can scroll through the months or access all holidays on one page. This app is easy to use and has all the basic features you would expect from a calendar app.

2023 calendar

If you are looking for an app that has an exhaustive list of festivals in India along with more information about them, the 2023 calendar The app is a good place to start. This app contains details of all holidays, festivals and fasts. The app’s Hindu calendar lists the exact fasting times along with relevant information. You can also find Islamic holidays and Ramzan calendar on this app.

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Here are the top 5 apps to keep track of Indian festivals and holidays. Most of the apps on this list provide a comprehensive list of national, state, regional, and religious holidays without requiring you to provide additional information. If you’re already used to Google Calendar, most of the apps on this list also offer a simple sync process to save you time.

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