Tiger Woods’ Ex-Girlfriend Erica Herman Announces Nullification of NDA Alleging Sexual Harassment

Tiger Woods’ Ex-Girlfriend Erica Herman Announces Nullification of NDA Alleging Sexual Harassment

Tiger Woods’ ex-girlfriend Erica Herman has filed a lawsuit against the golf star to void a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). She says Woods signed it in August 2017 when they started dating.

According to legal documents obtained by ET, Herman filed the lawsuit against Woods on Monday in the 19th Judicial Circuit Court in Martin County, Florida, citing the Speak Out Act as grounds to invalidate the NDA. protects victims of sexual harassment or harassment.

While Herman made no such claims against Woods, Herman said voiding the NDA would clear things up.

“Due to aggressive use of Woods NDA [Woods] and the trust under your control, [Herman] you are not sure whether you can disclose, among other things, facts that you believe give rise to various legal claims. At this time, he is also not sure what other information about his own life he can discuss or with whom. Therefore, there is an active debate between them [Herman] and [Woods] to which [she] you need a clarifying statement from the court.”

The Speak Out Act came before Congress in July 2022 and was signed into law less than five months later. The law “prohibits the court enforceability of a disclosure or non-disparagement clause agreed to before a sexual harassment or sexual harassment dispute arises in violation of federal, tribal, or state law.”

ET also approached lawyers for Woods and Herman.

Woods and Herman, a former restaurant manager, began dating in August 2017. The following month, she was spotted wearing a girlfriend/wife badge alongside the golf legend at the Presidents Cup at Liberty National Golf Club in Jersey City, New Jersey.

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As a result of this week’s announcement, other legal documents have come to light that show the strained relationship between Woods and Herman.

In a lawsuit filed last October, Herman alleged that Woods’ “agents” used “tricks” to force her to leave her home for a “short vacation” only to be locked out of their shared home.

Herman claimed in the lawsuit that the couple entered into a “verbal agreement” that ensured they could live in the mansion for a total of 11 years, with five years remaining before they split.

In the documents, he claims that Woods’ agents took his belongings and “appropriated over $40,000 in cash” and that being “denied” access to the residence caused him “irreparable harm.” In the lawsuit, he argued that he was entitled to roughly $30 million in damages.

In November, Woods filed a motion to dismiss Herman’s lawsuit.

Woods was previously in a relationship with Lindsey Vonn before they split in 2015, and was married to model Elin Nordegren for six years (they have two children together: daughter Sam, 14, and son Charlie, 13) before a cheating scandal torpedoed the marriage). which ended in divorce in 2010.


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