These browser extensions and apps can save you money when you shop online

These browser extensions and apps can save you money when you shop online

With inflation on the rise, everyone is looking for ways to save money on purchases, whether it’s a one-off, big ticket purchase, everyday necessities or gifts throughout the year. The great news is that you don’t have to settle for the first price if alternative retailers might offer a better deal. But how can you make it easier to find the best prices?

There are many apps and browser extensions that allow you to track the best possible prices. Whether it’s a direct discount or a coupon sale, the options below will help you save time and money when shopping online.

A quick privacy note: The plugins on this list work by scanning every website you visit for potential coupons that could potentially expose you to privacy issues. Before installing any, you may want to review their privacy policy.

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CNET shopping

Try the CNET Shopping extension for free.


Here at CNET, we have our own browser extension for Chrome to help you get your favorite products at the best prices: CNET Shopping. Our extension uses technology previously implemented by the popular services Invisible Hand and PriceBlink – both owned by CNET’s parent company Red Ventures, but phased out after the launch of CNET Shopping.

If you’re after a specific product, CNET Shopping lets you search thousands of supported retailers for the lowest prices, or you can use it to receive alerts and get discounts — and it’s free.


Payment processing company Klarna bought the Piggy browser extension and relaunched it as Klarna. It still lets you find the lowest prices available and automatically applies coupons and cash back options at checkout. The extension works in over 20,000 online stores, including Macy’s, eBay, Walmart and Nike.


Honey is one of the many browser extensions you can use to save money while shopping.


Honey automatically find and use eligible coupons while you shop online and track the prices of items added to your Droplist, alerting you when they match your desired price. It also offers a nifty Amazon tool that compares prices for products sold by Amazon and from Amazon’s third-party sellers and other online retailers, taking into account estimated shipping costs and Prime status to find the best deal.

And since Honey is owned by PayPal, purchases using the plugin will accrue PayPal rewards (assuming you have a PayPal account to link it to). These can be redeemed for cash, gift cards or PayPal shopping credit. While it may take a while to accumulate enough PayPal rewards to become something to spend, this is another way to save on future purchases.


Like Honey and CNET Shopping, Pricescout can find you coupon codes as you compare prices at different retailers. It scans the websites of over 21,000 merchants and offers you better prices while you shop.


RakutenFormerly known as Ebates, an e-commerce site that gives customers cash back on purchases. Former CNET editor Rick Broida described it this way:easy to use and not fixedHowever, Rakuten collects data about where you shop and what you buy.

Available for Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari, the Rakuten browser extension will alert you when cashback savings are available and save you a trip to the Rakuten website when you’re actively shopping. Sometimes it even finds coupon codes for you, and there are some ways to save in-store as well.


Like the other browser extensions on this list, Slickdeals shows customers the best deals, coupons, and cashback options available when shopping from online retailers that support it.

Recently for Chrome

Cently, formerly known as Coupons at Checkout, is a Chrome extension that finds coupon codes from thousands of online retailers and shows you the best ones at checkout. Cently also has a feature called Amazon Best Price that tells you when a product is cheaper from another Amazon seller.

Amazon Assistant for Chrome

Amazon Assistant for Chrome is an official browser extension from Amazon.

Screenshot: Alina Bradford/CNET

If you are an Amazon fanatic, you will love this extension. Amazon Assistant for Chrome is an official browser extension from Amazon. Finds the deal of the day, offers product and price comparisons, and saves products from any website to your Amazon wishlist.

Camelizer by Camelcamelcamel

Most savvy shoppers know that you can get the best deals when you buy certain dates. Camelizer is a plugin that shows you the price history of a product you’re browsing on Amazon, helping you decide whether to buy now or wait for a better deal. It also sends price drop alerts via email or Twitter, and you can import your Amazon wishlist so you’ll know when your heart’s desire goes on sale.

He drank

He drank another money back service With browser extension for Chrome, Edge and Firefox. In addition to getting a fraction of your online or in-store purchases back, it’s great at notifying you when a product, e.g. Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5 obsession Nintendo Switch OLED was filled thanks to the acquisition of the OctoShop company.


RetailMeNot’s Deal Finder browser extension automatically apply the best available discount codes and cashback options at checkout. The extension is supported by more than 20,000 retailers, including Target, Macy’s, Lenovo and DoorDash. CNET has been singing the praises of the device since 2010 online coupon hunting is less annoying. is a place where you can find special offers like free shipping, free shopping, and other benefits that can save you money when you shop online. This Firefox extension also finds coupon codes. When you find a code, you save it and add it to your cart. The extension also opens another browser page and displays all the sales on the website you’re viewing, so you never miss a thing.


This dashcam has an average rating of 4.6 stars from over 100 customers, but Fakespot has given those reviews an F.

Screenshot: Rick Broida/CNET

User reviews give you an idea of ​​the quality of the product before you buy it. The problem is that many companies hire people to post good reviews of bad products on sites like Amazon. Fakespot is a plugin that analyzes reviews to determine which ones are bad and which can be trusted, so you’re less likely to waste your money on something stupid.


CouponCabin is different from other money-saving browser extensions because it gives you little tips every time you search on Google, whether you want to make a purchase or not. Let’s say you’re searching for information about the latest Stephen King book on Google. CouponCabin gives a small warning in the search results that it is on sale. You can also get 10% cashback by using this plugin.


The ShopSavvy app uses your phone’s camera to scan barcodes to find the best prices from physical and digital retailers. Its website also offers “Best Time to Buy” guides, which chart price movements for computers, cameras and televisions over the past 90 days.

ShopSavvy is free to download from the App Store and Play Store and has a free browser extension for Chrome, Edge and Safari.

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