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The Willow series is out on Disney+, but fans aren’t impressed

The Willow series is out on Disney+, but fans aren’t impressed

Fans who loved the original 1988 film were very excited about the new Disney+ and Lucasfilm series adaptation of Willow …until they saw the premiere episode. The first two episodes of the new show are now available to stream on the service. Now that the episodes are available, fans have started to react to the show and the general consensus is that it’s terrible.

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People are disappointed with Willow

The main issue fans have is that even though it is a revival of the original IP, it needs to do the original film more justice. According to what many fans say, they have to appreciate how the story and dialogue is written and feel that it takes away from the series’ medieval fantasy genre. “This is like a modern sitcom” seems to be what many of them are saying, along with the fact that the show just “doesn’t feel like Willow.”

Another general consensus that fans seem to share is that they were surprised by how prevalent queer romance is on the show. While representation is always important, people felt it was overbearing and that seems to be a common thought with what Disney is putting out at the moment. No Willow nor their new LGBTQ Strange world animation was marketed as LGBTQ-dominant, and both seem to bomb with fans. We love to see representation in the media, but when it takes over the story and overshadows the actual themes of the series, fans are not impressed.

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Even big fans of the original found it challenging to sit through the entire first episode, their childhood nostalgia not strong enough to get them through it. “Unfortunately, I think about my childhood Willow the nostalgia wore off a few episodes ago. While I enjoyed seeing Warwick Davis back in his Willow role, I think his whole mythic world came crashing down around me as the episodes went on…and on…and on.” – Raising Whasians on Rotten Tomatoes.

Rotten Tomatoes score

Disney+ Willow series 2022

The Rotten Tomatoes results show what the fans are thinking right now, with the critics somewhat preferring the show more than the fans, while the fans really don’t like it. The critic’s score is 84% ​​(at the time of writing). It has increased slightly, while the audience score continues to drop drastically, and stands at 37% (at the time of writing).

This is almost the exact opposite of the score for the original 1988 Willow. The critic score for the original is 53%, and the audience score is 79%, which clearly shows that the audience much preferred the original. Additionally, the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes for the series best describe the opinion of most people who watch the series.

Unfortunately, there are few good reviews for the series. Still, it was best described by a critic from Rolling Stone as “A show that can’t decide exactly what it wants to be, nor who its intended audience is.”

It’s really disappointing to see such a well-loved IP being revived in a way that fans can’t get behind. Still, hopefully the show will live long enough for the showrunner and writers to make some good changes for the second season, but only time will tell.

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Val Kilmer was written out of the series

The dark fantasy phenomenon Willow came out in 1988 and took the world by storm. Twenty-four years later, we finally see a sequel in Disney+ Willow TV Shows. Many of the actors who starred in the original film returned for the series, along with some new young adult cast members. But unfortunately, Val Kilmer is not coming back to the show and they had to write him out of the show at the last minute.

Willow TV shows come out on Disney+ today, and showrunner Jonathan Kasdan spoke to Entertainment Weekly about last-minute decisions that had to be made. First, Val Kilmer had to be written out of history. The show and Val Kilmer wanted him to reprise his role as Madmartigan. Once they got the green light, Kasdan went to see Kilmer about being a part of the new series.

He went to see Kilmer and said, “Look, we’re doing this. And the whole world wants Madmartigan again,” Kilmer had replied at the time, “Not as much as I do.” But, alas, when it came time for Kilmer to actually go and film his parts, due to the ongoing Covid -pandemic and his health problems, it was deemed that he could not go to the show.

The entire first season of the show had been made with the intention of having Kilmer appear, holding out hope until quite late in the production process. However, Kasdan realized near the end that he had to find a way to preserve the story they wanted to tell and leave the door open for Kilmer to possibly return when his health permits.

Is-Willow-and-Star-Wars connected

Val Kilmer has been battling throat cancer for the past seven years. It has really come in the way of his acting career. Finally, he reprized his role in Top Gun: Maverick. However, he had a relatively small role in the film. Even then, the production team had to clarify Kilmer’s voice. Fortunately, he only had a few minutes on screen. Who knows how difficult it could have been for him if he had to sit out the entire first season Willow?

It would be an understatement to say that cancer is a difficult battle. With all the chemotherapy that Val Kilmer has had to undergo since 2015, he is definitely considered an immunocompromised person. During this pandemic, it was almost impossible for him to get booked for anything. So despite how hard the studio tried to get him to be a part of the series, it’s respectable that Kilmer has to think about his health first.

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Are you sad to know that Val Kilmer will not be part of the first season of Disney+ Willow series?

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