The ultimate list of apps to track all your healthy habits

The ultimate list of apps to track all your healthy habits

A key factor in why many people fail to stick to their healthy habits is that they don’t use a habit tracker. Habit tracking is key. You can make it easier to reach your goals and stay motivated to stay on track by recording your progress. If you’re looking to pick up a new habit and improve your overall well-being, these are the best apps for tracking your sleep, exercise, diet, and mindfulness habits.

Sleeping habits

Getting enough sleep is essential for your health. Tracking your sleep is beneficial because it can help you understand your sleep patterns and improve them. Below are some of the best sleep tracking apps you can use in your bedroom for a good night’s rest.

1. Sleep cycle

Sleep Cycle is one of the best sleep tracking apps thanks to its incredible features, such as a smart alarm clock, voice recorder, and a library of sleep sounds, music, and stories. The Sleep Cycle app provides a sleep analysis every morning, including recordings of night sounds, a graph of sleep states, and statistics on the overall quality and regularity of your sleep.

Download: Sleep Cycle for iOS | Android (free with subscription)

2. Sleep monitor

Easy to use, simple and clear, Sleep Monitor is the ideal sleep tracking app to keep track of your sleep habits. The app records all of your sleep data, from the time you stay up and stay in, to your sleep debt and excess. What’s more, the app allows you to add certain factors that can affect your sleep, such as alcohol, caffeine, and stress.

Download: Sleep Monitor for iOS | Android (free with subscription)

3. BetterSleep

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If you want to turn your bedroom into a paradise for the night, the BetterSleep app is for you. The app boasts a wide selection of sleep content such as sounds and music to create your own mixes, as well as stories, meditations, sleep movements and breathing exercises. In addition, BetterSleep’s sleep tracking feature allows you to conveniently record sleep quality, sleep phases, and sleep recordings.

Download: BetterSleep for iOS | Android (free with subscription)

Exercise habits

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, gain muscle, or simply stay healthy, tracking your workout progress is the best way to stay accountable and motivated. These are some great fitness tracking apps that make recording your workout progress easier and less tedious.

1. Fitness plan

Whether you’re tracking your workouts at home or at the gym, Fitplan is a fantastic all-inclusive fitness app right at your fingertips. Fitplan has tons of step-by-step fitness plans that you can filter based on your fitness level, focus area, and workout type. Best of all, you can actively track your workout progress in the workout calendar, view upcoming workouts, and even set a workout reminder.

Download: Fitplan for iOS | Android (free with subscription)

2. Heavy

Hevy is a workout tracking and planning app for building muscle. It is more for those who like strength training and weight lifting. The app lets you easily create your own workouts and log specific exercises, weights, reps, sets, and total workout duration. In addition, Hevy allows you to track your training statistics for different time periods, such as one week, 12 weeks, or one year.

Download: Hevy for iOS | Android (free with subscription)

3. Strava

Strava is a great fitness tracking app if you like to walk, jog, hike, or bike. The app connects to your device’s location so you can use GPS to record your workout in real time. When you’re done, you can view your workout stats, such as distance, time, kilometers, and weekly elevation.

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Download: Strava for iOS | Android (free with subscription)

Mindfulness Habit

Mindfulness can improve your well-being by reducing stress, anxiety and depression. That’s why it’s so important to make mindfulness practices like meditation and deep breathing a habit. You’ll want to keep up with your new attention-grabbing habits with the help of the mobile apps mentioned below.

1. Calmness

Calm is a popular mindfulness app that includes guided meditation sessions, sleep stories, audio visuals, music, breathing exercises, and more. Plus, Calm makes it easy to start a habit of mindfulness Start a daily habit Option. This feature is helpful if you need a little guidance on creating a daily habit of meditation, movement, or wisdom.

Download: Calm for iOS | Android (free with subscription)

2. Insight Timer

Would you like to build and track a mindfulness routine, be it guided meditation, yoga, sleep, journaling, breathing or courses? Insight Timer is an amazing app with free content for everyone, regardless of experience level or interests. Moreover, you can easily track your daily mood, time progress, important milestones and ongoing courses.

Download: Insight Timer for iOS | Android (free with subscription)

3. Smiling mind

Daily mindfulness and meditation practices can greatly improve your life, making them an extremely important habit to follow. The Smiling Mind app programs are perfect for adults, children, families, students and colleagues. For a routine of practicing mindfulness, the Smiling Mind app allows you to set daily reminders at a time of your choice. It also tracks the first 10 completed meditation sessions to motivate you to continue.

Download: Smiling Mind for iOS | Android (Free)

Healthy diet

There are many benefits to tracking your diet. But most importantly, it can help you better understand your eating habits and whether or not they are healthy. And if you want to lose weight, food tracking is one of the best ways to do it. Below are some of the best diet tracker apps you can use if you need help reaching your diet goals.

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1. MyPlate

There are pros and cons to calorie counting apps, but the MyPlate app has some particularly beneficial features: a huge food database, a barcode scanner, and the support of a community of like-minded people. MyPlate gives you the option to add daily reminders for one or all of your daily meals. You can also set daily reminders to log your weight and water intake.

Download: MyPlate for iOS | Android (free with subscription)

2. Chronometer

Like MyPlate, Cronometer is a calorie counter app that lets you keep an extensive diary of your daily meals, biometrics, and workouts. With MyPlate, you can set goals for yourself, whether it’s about daily energy consumption or macronutrients. What’s more, the dashboard gives you better insight into calories eaten and burned, as well as your continuous streak.

Download: Chronometer for iOS | Android (free with subscription)

3. Plant Nanny

Plant Nanny makes tracking how much water you drink fun. What makes Plant Nanny unique and enjoyable are the adorable virtual plants. To care for the plant, you need to take care of yourself and drink water regularly. So the more water you drink, the more hydrated your little plant will be. Plant Nanny easily tracks your daily water intake in percentages and milliliters, and you can set custom reminders so you and your plants never go thirsty.

Download: Plant Nanny for iOS | Android (free with subscription)

Use a habit tracker to improve your life

It’s easy to say you want to start a healthy habit, but it’s hard to stick to it. Unless you have an effective way to track progress and provide feedback, you most likely won’t be able to build good long-term habits. Use one of these habit trackers to help you keep track of all your healthy habits and see proof of your hard work!

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