The Tesco Clubcard app closes

The Tesco Clubcard app closes

Tesco is overhauling its main applications (Image: Tesco)

Attention Tesco Clubcard owners – Tesco is decommissioning its Clubcard application next month.

The Clubcard application is a practical digital version of the classic Tesco Clubcard, which can be used to collect points at the checkout.

But from April 18, 2023, in just over six weeks, it will be scrapped.

Last week, the Tesco Pay+ application, which allowed customers to pay for their purchases with a personalized barcode, was closed.

But don’t worry: Tesco shoppers are encouraged to download the new and revamped Tesco Grocery and Clubcard app, where they can pay for purchases in store, view their Clubcard points, order groceries online and check products at their local store.

Using the app, customers can still easily scan their Clubcards at checkout and have the option to deposit their digital Clubcards into an Apple or Google wallet.

A Tesco spokesperson said: “Combining the power of Clubcard prices, coupons and vouchers and Reward Partner codes, Clubcard is the best way to get value at Tesco – and our Grocery and Clubcard app is the easiest way to get the most of it all let’s get it out. offered by Clubcard.

“You can use it as a one-stop shop when shopping online or in-store, where you can save money, collect points and use your vouchers and coupons.

“You can also unlock extra value from your vouchers by using them with one of our rewards partners via the Grocery & Clubcard app.”

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How to save your Clubcard points

Fortunately, current Clubcard holders don’t have to worry about their points disappearing.

Customers won’t lose any points, vouchers or coupons that simply transfer to the Grocery and Clubcard app.

For those who don’t download the new app, they can access their points through their online account.

Download the Tesco Grocery and Clubcard app

The new app is free to download for Apple and Android.

If you already use the original Clubcard app, you don’t need to register again.

Simply download the app via the banner in your current Clubcard app and your account will be automatically transferred to the new app.

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