The script for ‘Perfect Match’? Savannah Palacio weighs

The script for ‘Perfect Match’?  Savannah Palacio weighs

Fans of the new Netflix series Perfect Match you might be wondering if there is a script for the series. The reality dating show has taken quite a few wild turns, but how much did the producers have a hand in mixing up the drama and romance? Contestant Savannah Palacio weighs in.

In Perfect Match Episode 3, Savannah Palacio pouts while sitting across from Dom.
Savannah Palacio in “Perfect Match” Episode 3 | Netflix

According to the “Perfect Match” creator, the show puts the power in the hands of the contestants

Perfect Match brings together attractive singles from a variety of other dating shows for a fast-paced and exciting competition and dating series. Matched couples compete in challenges, and the winners get the chance to bring new singles into the house.

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