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The Disney+ series finally beats House of the Dragon to become the most requested new show

The Disney+ series finally beats House of the Dragon to become the most requested new show

Disney+ can now boast that it has killed HBO Max’s biggest beast: Game of Thornes prequel series, House of the Dragon. According to new reports and analysis, Star Wars series Andor finally managed to topple over House of the Dragon from Iron Throne in terms of average audience demand. Demand rose considerably as Andor went into the Season 1 finale over Thanksgiving: that reported 7% spike boosted the series to 37.7 times its average demand level (HotD came in at 33.9K), based on factors that include streaming, downloads, social media, general buzz and consumer data.

(Photo: HBO)

Although it is a good headline for Disney and Star Wars that Andor has had an increase in demand, there are some contextual factors that should be noted. Obviously, House of the Dragon ended Season 1 on October 23, so holding the top spot for audience demand since then is pretty good for HBO. The data also clearly show that Andor is still lagging behind earlier Star Wars TV releases Obi-Wan and The Book of Boba Fettand far behind The Mandalorian. When all is said and done, with the exception of dragon’s house, The demand for Andor well outpaced the next highest entry, which was AMC’s Interview with the vampire (27.7K) followed by Amazon’s The peripheryl (25.4K) and exciting new anime series, Chainsawman (24.5K).

Andor has been a very slow burn, yes, but it’s a burn that has continued to spread steadily. The show is getting the kind of recognition reserved for high-profile TV shows, and Disney seems to recognize that. During Thanksgiving, Andor aired on major Disney TV platforms, including FreeForm, FX and Hulu. That, along with the highly anticipated finale for viewers already invested in the series, likely just delivered Andor a nice increase in interest.

(Photo: Disney/Lucasfilm)

In breaking down how much impact Andor have worn the larger one Star Wars saga, ComicBook.com’s Jamie Jirak had the following to say:

It’s hard not to compare Andor to the other Star Wars shows that came to Disney+ this year, but The Book of Boba Fett and Obi-Wan Kenobi expanded on some of the franchise’s most popular characters while Andor has done something unique by changing the way we look at. the original films. Since the series started, I’ve seen a lot of tweets commenting on the fact that the Rebellion had so many heroes before Luke Skywalker came along at the very end and took all the credit. Of course, these are mostly good-natured jabs, but it was still a wise decision to use Andor as a way to showcase the Rebellion’s victory as a massive group effort. Star Wars may be fiction, but taking down any empire is not something that can realistically be done by a few people alone… Andor is clearly not trying to undermine the triumphs of Luke and the rest of the franchise’s original heroes, but to explore characters who fought on different levels add a rich realism that you never expected….

Andor Season 1 is now streaming on Disney+. Andor Season 2 has started production.

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