The Cree First Nation has made significant strides in communication

The Cree First Nation has made significant strides in communication

NORTH BATTLEFORD, Saskatchewan, March 13, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Lucky Man Cree Nation leadership has launched a brand new mobile app to communicate with their membership at a glance. The app works on iPhone and Android phones as well as tablets – its cross-platform nature means any member with any smartphone or tablet can access the app to receive updates directly from the Band Office.

The Lucky Man Cree Nation App runs on the Communikit SaaS mobile app service – an advanced mobile app platform built specifically for Indigenous communities and nations to connect with their members on and off reserve.

“We’re a small nation—almost all of our registered membership lives off-reserve, spread across Canada,” explained Chief Crystal Okemow—we needed a quick and easy way to get messages to our people anytime, and an app is it for us.”

The Lucky Man Cree Nation App sends push notifications to users to notify them of meetings, events, polls, community news, emergency alerts and important announcements. Because push notifications are sent directly to members’ phones, it’s also an ideal way to distribute resources and request data from them – quickly, easily and privately.

According to IT specialist Richard Okemow, ease of use was also a concern when choosing a communication tool. “We have a lot of elders and other members who are less technically inclined,” he explained, “so it was very important to us that the app be intuitive. We even have phone and email support available to our members directly from the technical team if they ever need help.”

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Download the Lucky Man Cree Nation app today and never miss a leader and council update; Get it now on Google Play or the App Store!

About the Lucky Man Cree Nation
The Lucky Man Cree Nation (ᐸᐯᐍ or papêwê in Cree) is a small but progressive community located approximately 125 km northwest of Saskatoon. The Nation was previously incorporated as the Little Pine First Nation in 1879 and remained so until the band’s descendants reorganized. The Lucky Man Cree Nation was granted 12 parcels of land in the Thickwood Hills, which is now the Lucky Man Reserve.

About Communikit
The Communikit mobile app platform was created by Aivia Inc. (pronounced AY-vee-yuh) and provides tools for Indigenous nations, leaders and organizations to communicate with their members in an instant – no matter where they are. As the first network of its kind in Canada, Communikit currently serves more than 20,000 users across more than 80 nations and Indigenous organizations.

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