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The best general entertainment Disney+ USA should add – What’s on Disney Plus

The best general entertainment Disney+ USA should add – What’s on Disney Plus

As the streaming wars continue to rage, one of the most important things for any company running a streaming service is to appeal to a broad audience. Disney+ outside the US and Latin America appeals to a massive audience with everything from horror movies to classic comedies; however, in the US it is very different.

With Disney+ USA slowly trickling in some “General Entertainment” content like “Blackish”, “Grownish”, “The Orville” and “Glee”, I thought it would be good to take a look at what I believe to be the best general the entertainment. content to help Disney and Disney+ US subscribers get more adult content on Disney+.

The Fosters and its follow-up (Good Trouble) tackle themes similar to Disney+’s Big Shot:

Let’s start with a show about teenagers and high school, plus its spin-off show that follows two of the leads as they deal with adulthood. “The Fosters” is a series that follows the Fosters-Adams family, which is led by a lesbian couple, Stef Foster, who is a police officer and Lena Adams, a school principal who raises one biological child and four adopted children. The sequel to “The Fosters,” which is known as “Good Trouble,” follows two of the adopted Fosters-Adams children, Callie and Mariana, as they embark on their next journey, working in Los Angeles. Disney+’s own original series, “Big Shot,” tackles many of the same themes as both shows, and both “The Fosters” and “Good Trouble” stream on Disney+ in countries like the UK, so there’s no reason why both shows shouldn’t can be added to the United States.

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The Golden Girls Is Comfort Food TV:

This series needs no introduction and helped launch the beloved Betty White to stardom. “The Golden Girls” is a classic ABC show that many people still binge to this day. Currently, this classic sitcom follows the adventures of fourth middle-aged single ladies and streams on Disney+ in the UK, and in the US the series is on Hulu. This series would be a great addition to ease Disney+ US subscribers into some general entertainment.

20. Television animation has several shows that can sit next to The Simpsons:

Since the launch of Disney+ in the US, the service has streamed almost the entire series of “The Simpsons”, and that series has been on Disney+ since launch. The studio behind it, 20th Television Animation, has several other programs that can sit alongside “The Simpsons” on Disney+ in the US.

A notable show is the sister show of “The Simpsons” and that is “Futurama”, which not only shared the same network and studio but also the same creator and is not much more mature than “The Simpsons”. Another notable show is “Bob’s Burgers,” a family sitcom with musical numbers that happen to be animated.

The last show is a newer one, and it’s “The Great North,” which is a delightful sitcom set in Alaska. All three shows are rated TV-14 or lower and aren’t much raunchier than “The Simpsons” in its prime.

ABC’s superstar takes a dive into the legacy of several celebrities:

This ABC News docu-series is a stunning look at the lives and legacies of many talented icons, including Robin Williams, Whitney Housten, Richard Pryor and Kobe Bryant, among several other stars. This documentary series is a wonderful look into the history of many people whose work has inspired many generations.

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Modern Family is a mainstay of ABC from the 2010s:

A family sitcom that ran for eleven seasons from 2009 to 2020. “Modern Family” ran for over a decade and is already streaming on Disney+’s sister streaming service Hulu in the US and on Disney+ in countries like the UK. There is a potential problem with “Modern Family” as Disney has a deal for the series to stream on NBCUniversal’s Peacock in the US.

Final thoughts:

General Entertainment is critical to the success of Disney+ in the US, especially with the upcoming price increase and ad-supported tier coming soon if Disney wants to guarantee such a significant price increase in addition to being able to monetize content with advertising.

Disney’s General Entertainment portfolio is much larger than people think, with Disney owning thousands of TV shows from ABC, Freeform, Touchstone TV, Walt Disney Television and 20th Television, meaning Disney has the potential to drop content for all different general entertainment interests.

Everything from ABC News docuseries to 20th Television’s adult animated output to contemporary YA Freeform series. The more content Disney+ adds in the US that is aimed at a general audience, the more the service will lose its current image as a “babysitting” service.

What do you think? What general entertainment do you want on Disney+?

Ethan Holloway

Ethan is an autistic, type one diabetic, Disney fan who grew up with properties like Iron Man, The Lion King, Aladdin and Toy Story. Ethan wants to one day make his own books/movies/TV series to inspire people with disabilities to be themselves, but for now Ethan covers his thoughts on Disney, their content, and how Disney+ can improve.

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