The best free radar apps for Android

The best free radar apps for Android

While driving around Spain’s various cities, you’re almost certain to have come across some sort of radar or other that will fine you for going over the speed limit. Technology allows us to know where most of them arein addition to having users who report them.

In this selection, we point out The best free radar apps for Android, all are available for free, some require upfront payment if you want to advertise. For those already mentioned, you can connect to Google Maps, which is another valid app, just like the others mentioned.

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Waze 1

Despite its focus on getting to points, Waze’s power is growing with the corresponding updates, including the installation of radars in various Spanish cities. The only thing is to address their potential and make them visible on the highways as well as in the areas we go to.

In this type of case, the community of drivers is essential, on the other hand, the notifications warn if several police officers are on the site. One of its strengths is that everything happens in real you need to know about the dashboard itself.

Waze is a free tool, through which you have the opportunity to do the same as millions of people across the country and abroad are doing. Highly recommended if you want to know about speed cameras, proximity and more. It is available in the Play Store for Android and the App Store if you use iOS.

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my cam

my cam

It is the largest radar detector in Spain, at least one of the largest today, with a detection capacity of more than 60,000 in different Spanish cities. The so-called free option has the basics, if we want to know the different points, it expands if we get the premium version, which costs about 4.99 euros.

For one payment you get all the radars of the Spanish roads, it also includes a widget and the landscape mode, which is undoubtedly important in all of them. The second, the widget, allows you to see everything minimized and open as usual when needed.

We use the database of the application from the information page of SCDB, one of the largest, which will no doubt continue to expand as they are located in different parts of the country over time. First of all, it is recommended because we are dealing with a free and paid application.



SocialDrive was born very much in the style of Waze, thanks to the great boom the communities where every person is important in terms of communication. The radar of passing places is usually reported, you can always see where you are going and request further progress along the route.

The travel mode is illustrative, thanks to this we get an interactive map similar to Google Maps, which is usually the most complete of all available, not forgetting the already mentioned Waze. It also shows the maximum speed for each zoneincluding highways, at least something recommended.

The announcements are supposed to be interesting, it does so through some graphic alerts, it will be time to pay attention and it is time to add small things to this. Voice announcements are very popular as it is a positive aspect to consider, it should have the volume activated by default and not muted.

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TomTom AmiGO – GPS navigation

Friend TomTom

TomTom, famous for its previous physical GPS, is back with a bang due to software failure of devices with Android operating system. TomTom AmiGO – GPS navigation is an interesting tool that allows you to know all the details of the road at any time in real time.

Navigating through them tells us everything, including the fact that we can get to a certain place by alternative, sometimes longer, routes. It’s a utility that makes it worthwhile for us to do what others doIn addition, you can always see radars in detail, both near and near.

Like SocialDrive and Waze, we have it a large community to chat with and alert you to potential radars on different road routes. It’s completely free and doesn’t require much experience if you want to use it from scratch. Highly recommended app.

Fixed and mobile radars

Fixed and mobile speed cameras

you are definitely looking for it an app where you can find all the details about both fixed and mobile speed cameras, the latter are increasingly installed by the civil guard. If you want to know both cases, one of the perfect apps is “Fixed and Mobile Radars” available in the Play Store.

You can use it in the background if you want, you can always let us know what’s going on, everything that’s happening is normal. Warnings are ideal, they serve to avoid the radar in any caseIn addition to showing the maximum speed on the highway, it also includes an updated map of radars, both meters away and those following. Even though there are ads, it costs less than two euros to avoid it.

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MapFactor Navigation

Map factor

This is a well-known GPS navigator that is really eye-catching, on speed cameras near highways and in locations where they are active. MapFactor Navigation includes real-time traffic, speed limit alerts, and more interesting details while driving.

The maps are free, although you can buy TomTom, all with really important cartography if you want to see something in detail. With a high score of 4.5 stars, it is among the best reviews above others in the Play Store. It has passed 10 million downloads.

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