Last October, Microsoft announced that the Apple Music and Apple TV apps would be coming to the Microsoft Store for installation on Windows devices in 2023, bringing significant improvements to users of those platforms who have access to music on the web or through Apple’s outdated iTunes. they had to access ‌Apple Music‌. Windows app and Apple TV+ over the web.

apple music preview Microsoft Store
Preview versions of the two apps, along with an Apple Devices app for managing devices like iPhones, iPads, and iPods from Windows machines, have appeared in the Microsoft Store, as noted by the author. The authenticator [Google Translate].

In the app descriptions, Apple highlights that, as preview versions of these apps, “not all features work as expected.” The company also warns that installing any of these apps will prevent iTunes for Windows from opening. As a result, other types of content such as audiobooks and podcasts will not be available until Apple releases a compatible version of iTunes or until the user uninstalls the preview apps.

All three new Apple apps require Windows 11 version 22621.0 or later.

Update: Users cannot currently install the preview apps on their machines, but they will likely be able to soon.

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