The 7 Best Pet Planting Apps for RVs (and Bonus Tracker)

The 7 Best Pet Planting Apps for RVs (and Bonus Tracker)

Pets are the best travel companions, but they can’t go everywhere people can. So these pet planter apps really come in handy for RVers…

Did you know that there are approximately 70 million dog owners in America? If we look around the campsites, we can say that many of them are also RV owners! Jennifer and me too!

When we started living the RV lifestyle more than a decade ago, we brought our 70-pound Norwegian Elkhound, Tai, with us. We brought another big old Elkhound on board called Bo when Tai died.

It goes without saying that we love traveling with a dog, even if it presents challenges at times. One such challenge is what to do with our dog when we go somewhere he can’t.

If it’s a quick trip somewhere, we leave it safely in the RV. In other cases, however, we must call for backup. This is where the following pet planter apps come in. But first, let’s quickly discuss the different “planting” options.

(By the way, the following apps aren’t just for dogs! Some are for cats, birds, and more!)

Types of pet sitting services

pet planting applications
Hi Bo.

There are several types of pet sitting services available today. In the past, you had to take your pet to a kennel or boarding house, or ask the teenager on the street to stop in front of your house. You can now choose between drop off and house calls (or RV calls in our case).

Pet planting options include:

  • Boarding
  • Home planting (“day care”)
  • Drop-in visits
  • Doggy Day Care
  • Dog walking

Many of these services are aimed at dogs, but they also accept cats and other pets. There’s even an app on our list specifically for cats.

We haven’t tried all of these, so if you need more information, ask in our Facebook group and see if anyone has direct experience.

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The 7 Best Pet Planting Apps for RVs

Below are the 7 best pet sitter apps for RVers. I’ve even included a virtual option that allows you to monitor your pet wherever they are.

Speaking of traveling with pets, check out the 10 Best Pet Accessories for Camping with Your Dog or 10 Purrfect Cat Travel Accessories for the RV Lifestyle. We also have a complete Amazon shopping list for caravans.

1. Rover

Rover is a website and app that connects dog and cat owners with independent pet sitters. You can find someone in your area to take care of your pet in their RV. You can also arrange for your pet to visit your home if this is convenient.

The website also includes reviews of dog sitters and a calendar showing their availability. Another great thing about Rover is that the services offered and pet sitting fees are up front.

In addition, Rover guarantees to reimburse vet bills incurred due to injuries sustained while your pet is in the care of a pet sitter. Reimbursable up to $25,000 per incident. You can also pay up to $1,000,000 per case for property damage or various injuries caused by a third party. There is a $250 deductible.

2. Wag!

Wag! is another great pet planter app to consider. The company is known for its dog walking services, but also offers other services (including for cats) such as overnight care and drop-in care.

Wag even offers dog training services for you. When you travel with your pet, you may experience behavior that you haven’t experienced before. Let Wag help train your dog while you’re out and about!

They also offer pet insurance plans if you are interested.

The 7 Best Pet Sitting Apps for RVs (And a Bonus Watcher) 1
Mike’s favorite navy hoodie and hat – perfect for those crisp RV lifestyle days!

3. Care

You may have heard of for its senior and child care services. But did you know that Care also offers pet sitting services? offers dog walking, training, pet sitting, grooming, training and boarding services.

If you’re interested, visit the website or app and register for an account. Then create a job that you need, such as an overnight pet sitting service. Soon, potential caregivers will be contacting you about filling the position.

The downside is that they guarantee contact within three days of submitting the request. If you need a service at the last minute, this app may not suit your needs.

4. Meowth

In this post, I mainly mentioned dogs because more people travel with dogs than with cats. But I don’t want to leave all cat lovers out!

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There is an excellent resource for cat owners, You can find a reliable cat sitter based on your location. They specialize in cat care, so this is the best choice for your feline friend!

5. Bring it! Animal care

Fetch is another pet sitter site you can try. It differs from Wag or Rover in that you can find the right pet sitter based on your needs. Instead of hand-picking a supervisor, a highly trained supervisor will be selected based on your needs and available people in your area.

All their passengers were checked for any crime. You can receive information from your carer by e-mail, SMS or phone during the time your pet is sitting. It’s worth noting that their insurance is minimal and doesn’t offer the same coverage as

This is an excellent site for those who like to take it easy and trust that someone else owns their pets. If this makes you uncomfortable, Download is not the app for you.

6. Pet sitter

Petsitter is an organization that can help you connect with pet owners and members of your organization who offer pet sitting services. All you have to do is enter your zip code and you’ll be presented with a list of services in your area. You can read the description to see if it suits you.

If you find someone or something you like, make a reservation based on that person’s information. You do not book any services through the PetSitter website.

7. Furbo Dog Cam

There are many dog ​​cameras that can be used to connect with your pet when you are away. We personally like the Furbo dog cam because it has 2-way audio. In addition, it also hides delicacies from it!

As an added bonus for RVers, it has a Bark Alert feature that lets you know when your dog is barking. The camera helps you figure out what’s going on and lets you talk them down through the app.

Ideal for campers who follow proper camping etiquette and don’t want their dog to disturb the camping neighbors.

BONUS: Waggle RV Pet Monitor

    Waggle RV Pet Monitor
Waggle RV Pet Monitor

Waggle is a pet monitoring device that can be accessed remotely. This product is a security monitor, not a visual monitor.

It monitors the temperature and humidity of the RV and alerts you to potentially unsafe conditions for your pet in your RV. It also warns you if the power supply to your RV goes out!

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It works over a built-in Verizon 4G cellular data connection and requires a subscription. Note that even though you use Verizon, you do not need to have a Verizon account. It’s just the separate, internal service that sends alerts to the app.

Waggle is easy to use. All you have to do is peel it off and stick it to the wall of your RV. Then install the Waggle app on your phone to receive alerts and updates. There are two versions of Waggle Lite and Waggle Pro – check them both out here.

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The 7 Best Pet Sitting Apps for RVs (and Bonus Watcher) 2

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