The 7 Best Clipboard Manager Apps for Android

The 7 Best Clipboard Manager Apps for Android

The clipboard is one of the basic and fundamental functions that modern computing has to offer. While Android offers a pretty decent copy and paste solution, it can sometimes get hectic when dealing with a lot of text.

The good news is that some clipboard management apps in the Play Store allow you to copy and paste multiple content system-wide or even cross-platform. So, let’s take a look at the best clipboard manager apps for Android that will improve your overall copy-paste experience.

1. Clipboard Manager by devdnua

Clipboard Manager is a powerful application that records your copied text history. It allows you to copy text without worrying about overwriting previous clipboard entries. You can also categorize copied clips so you can easily organize and find them, and create and save notes within the app.

Clipboard Manager also offers good integration with your Android keyboard, so you can quickly access your notes. In addition, the app has a smart action feature that lets you use text from the clipboard as a new note, search directly on Google, search within an app, translate with Google Translate, and more.

You can also back up clips and notes to the cloud if you want.

Download: Clipboard Manager – devdnua (Free)

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2. Clipboard manager from Doggo Apps

This clipboard manager app provides all the basic clipboard functionality and is quite easy to use with a simple interface. It stores your copied text history and you can manually add clip entries for later use.

The app lets you sort your history by text, size or date to make it easier to find the clip you want. You can also pin important text to appear at the top of the list.

When you copy a piece of text, a mini-notification will appear on the screen, indicating that the text has been cut and saved in the application. You can also delete all clips at once with the Delete All option.

Download: Clipboard Manager from Doggo Apps (free, in-app purchases available)

3. Cutting board

Clipboard is a minimal application that appears as a mini window next to your other applications. This helps you easily copy and paste text and use clipboard history to access previous clips. You can also save notes to use elsewhere.

The app’s auto-paste feature automatically pastes recently copied text when you search, making the task much faster. It also provides a one-tap delete option to get rid of all your notes and clips at any time.

The free version of the app saves ten clips and five notes. With the pro version, you can expand these to a hundred clips and unlimited reminders.

Download: Clipboard (free, premium version available)

4. Clip

Clipt has a nice design and a number of useful features that provide a solid way to copy and paste text and make full use of the clipboard. Also, you can transfer the copied text to various devices using your Google account. For example, you can copy the text to your Android phone and use Clip via a Chrome extension on your computer.

In addition to text, you can use Clipt to copy content such as images and files between devices. This eliminates the hassle of sending content through emails and instant messaging apps, making you extremely productive.

Download: Clip (free)

5. Jetpof Apps clipboard manager

This clipboard manager offers a number of useful functions to improve the efficiency of text manipulation. Of course, it records the history of the copied text, so you can use it later. You can also edit, share and bookmark the copied text for better control and management.

The app allows you to choose what happens after copying the text, such as reaching a pop-up notification or a share option. And that’s just the beginning. There are plenty of other customization options available, so it’s best to explore the settings and tweak the app to your liking.

The app’s one-touch paste option allows you to quickly paste text without long pressing the screen. This is extremely useful when typing text into search bars and input fields.

Download: Clipboard manager for Jetpof Apps (free, in-app purchases available)

6. Clipto

Clipto is another nice app that comes with a solid set of features to help you better organize your copied text so you can use it more efficiently. You can organize text into notes and folders, add tags, apply filters, and more.

Like Clipt, Clipto is a cross-platform app, so you can copy and paste content across multiple devices with its sync feature. You can download it for Windows, macOS and Linux from the official Clipto website.

Download: Clipto (free, in-app purchases available)

7. Copy text on the screen

Copy Text on Screen is a different type of entry on this list because it uses optical character recognition (OCR) technology to read text from the screen. This feature is very useful as it is usually not possible to highlight and copy text from images. However, with this tool, you only need to take a screenshot and open it inside the app.

Once the app does its magic, you can simply select and copy text from the screen. You can also select an image from your gallery and perform OCR on it to extract text. The application keeps a history of previous scans, so you don’t have to repeat the process every time.

Copying the text to the screen is free. However, certain restrictions require a premium subscription to unlock unlimited scanning, ad-free experience, and more image processing. If you’re interested in this technology, check out these OCR apps for Android to extract text from images.

Download: Copy text on screen (free, in-app purchase available)

Take control of your Android clipboard

Handling text can be frustrating at times because formatting and copy-paste configurations can vary from application to application. If you frequently copy and paste things, a clipboard management application is an essential tool to increase your productivity. It reduces hassles and speeds up your overall workflow to increase productivity.

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