Telegram’s new update introduces power saving mode and other improvements to the app

Telegram’s new update introduces power saving mode and other improvements to the app

Telegram, the popular messaging app, has recently released a new update that includes a number of exciting features. Updates include a new power-saving mode, optimization for Android devices with lower-end hardware, more playback speed choices, and many other app improvements.

The announcement was made directly by the company through them blog. Telegram has now introduced a new power-saving mode that not only helps users with battery life, but also reduces data usage. This is especially helpful when it comes to displaying your app’s animations and effects. Users have the option to deactivate these effects to extend battery life and improve performance on older devices.

You can set the power saving mode to turn on automatically when the battery reaches a certain percentage, and it has individual switches that allow you to turn off certain effects. This mode is available on both iOS and Android, and on iOS they use an extra feature to limit updates in the background, although Telegram does not recommend this, otherwise the “Update…” message will appear on the app much more often. . Power saving mode can be turned on and customized in the Settings > Power saving menu.

For Android, the folks at Telegram have developed default settings that are optimized to give each user the best possible experience. These settings have been tested on more than 200 different Android devices to ensure that the app performs at its peak on all of them.

In addition to the power saving options, Telegram also introduces more detailed playback speed settings, for example, you can choose between 0.2x and 2.5x speed by holding down the 2X button. In addition, read receipts for groups with fewer than 100 participants will display the time the message was read in a pop-up window. Talk about hard work!

Other features introduced by the update include sending invite links as messages if the invitee restricts who can add them to groups, turning off auto-reorganization of sticker packs, improved folder support on iOS, interactive Emoji and reactions, and new animated emoticons for premium users.
Finally, Telegram promises that in addition to the new features, it has removed more than 400 bugs from the app, but also encourages users to migrate to report issues with the new update.

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