Telegram introduces power saving mode as part of new update

Telegram introduces power saving mode as part of new update

What you need to know

  • Telegram released a new update this week.
  • It includes a new power saving mode and new playback speed settings.
  • The update also optimizes the app to run better on lower-end Android phones.

Telegram is one such messaging app that keeps adding new features to the messaging platform and often competes neck and neck with the introduction of new tools that challenge its rival WhatsApp. The app’s latest update brings a new power saving mode and optimizations for lower-end Android phones.

Telegram already has a number of customizations, animations, and light effects that keep users engaged in conversations on the messaging service. They can include things like autoplay gifs, stickers, videos, emoji animations, and more. These customizations give the app a fun, energetic experience, but with the new update, these animations can now be disabled to make any Android phone run faster when using the app.

Telegram update March 2023

(Image credit: Telegram)

In an announcement blog post, Telegram says the new power saving mode can disable said features to “extend battery life and improve performance on older devices.”

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