Tamar Braxton, Nivea and Evelyn Lozada are looking for love at Queens Court

Tamar Braxton, Nivea and Evelyn Lozada are looking for love at Queens Court

Tamar Braxton, Evelyn Lozada and singer Nivea have many things in common. Mothers, they’ve been married to celebrities before, and they’ve all experienced heartbreak in public. What currently connects the three is that they’re looking for love again, and they’re doing it with some help.

All three ladies play the main roles in the Peacock series Queens Court, executive produced by Will Packer and hosted by longtime star couple Rodney and Holly Robinson Peete. The desire to find a good person drove them to take the opportunity to meet 21 prospective suitors in the hope of meeting each other.

“We’re sick of kissing frogs,” says Braxton, “and they’re not going to be princes. Also, it is very difficult to meet a nice guy in our career. Where will we meet them? That was part of my problem. I just haven’t met anyone.”

“I think when this opportunity came up, knowing that Will Packer, Holly Robinson Peete and Rodney Peete were involved, I felt like they were going to be looking at some great gentlemen.” He adds: “We were tired of meeting wild animals and crap. It was time to meet a gentleman.”

That doesn’t mean the ladies don’t run into obstacles during the show. A few frogs still slipped through the cracks.

“Once you start talking to these guys, you learn a lot,” says Lozada. “We share stories, we find out they’ve been on other shows and they’re trying to promote this and that. So for us it was a little bit hurtful because we went in with an open mind, an open heart… some guys weren’t there for the right reasons. Some were. You’ll see who they were.”

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They certainly don’t want men watching TV for a second. They don’t want guys from their past either.

“Don’t ignore the red flags,” Lozada says when discussing what she’s learned from her past loves. “I was in a relationship for 10 years. What I knew at the age of 10, I knew at the age of two. When I was at the end of my marriage, after the whole incident and collapse, I knew of two incidents before. But you make excuses and try to fix the relationship because you want it to work so badly.”

For Braxton, she’s learned to keep her relationships private, at least until they reach a certain point.

“I would hold out for as long as possible to be in the public eye. Once you’re out in the open, the relationship is ready for all the stigma, talk, and unsolicited advice you’ll receive. You must have time to build your relationship somethingon solid ground before being released to the public.”

At this point in their lives, they know exactly what they don’t want and what they do want in a man. For all three, trust is everything. Take notes guys.

“Be confident,” says Nivea. “I like confidence. And I like a little aggression. Walk up to me. Show that you are not afraid. I struggle with a lot of bullying. And I am a bold woman. I visit normally. I want a man to be like that for me. That’s attractive.”

“Just be yourself,” says Lozada. “Some of the guys on the show tried so hard to say, ‘I can do this for you.’ This is mine. We do not give af-kt. We’ve seen it all… we just want you to be a good person.”

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Check out our full conversation with the ladies above, where they talk about dating as single moms and when to introduce boys to their kids. You can stream all 10 episodes Queens Court from March 16 at Páván.

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