Swiggy hit by boycott on social media, ‘egg ad’ and billboard taken down

Swiggy hit by boycott on social media, ‘egg ad’ and billboard taken down

Swiggy has asked people not to use eggs on each other during Holi celebrations. The boycott brigade was quick to blame him for misrepresenting the Hindu festival.

After receiving backlash from some social media users over its ad asking people not to use eggs on each other during Holi celebrations, Swiggy has now reportedly removed the ad’s Instagram reel and billboards across Delhi-NCR.

The ad read, “Omelet – Sunny side up – Kisi ke sarr par. #BuraMatKhelo. Get the essence of Holi on Instamart.” Swiggy also posted a scroll with the same message on the official Instagram account of Swiggy Instamart.

There is no official statement from Swiggy on the matter yet, a source told news agency PTI, adding that the billboard ads were only in Delhi-NCR and have now been taken down.

Soon after the ads were released, many took to Twitter to tag Swiggy with the hashtag #HinduPhobicSwiggy’ and urged others to boycott the app.


“Swiggy’s attempt to defame Holi is very unacceptable. We demand the immediate removal of the Holi billboard and scroll. They should make a public apology for their insensitive behavior,” one user wrote.

“I can’t believe Swiggy would stoop so low as to slander Holi like that.” The company should issue a public apology and remove the offending content as soon as possible,” another user added.

“Swiggy needs to realize that we don’t want him to teach us how to play our festival, which we’ve been doing very peacefully for years. This culture and festival is older than you and will continue even if your business closes. So let’s not have a lecture,” said one Twitter user.

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Many social media users also asked why the brand doesn’t do such ads for festivals of other religions like Eid and Christmas.

“Swiggy’s attempt to malign Holi through his billboard and reel is disrespectful to Hindu culture. Why are similar ads missing at Christmas/Eid? We demand Swiggy apologize and remove them immediately,” one user said on Twitter.

“Boycott Swiggy,” Vishwa Hindu Parisad leader Dr Prachi Sadhvi tweeted.

The brand faced similar comments on its roll, which was posted through Swiggy’s Instamart Instagram handle.

“Try making an ad like this for the holidays or Easter… can’t wait,” one user wrote in the comments on the scroll.

“Remove Holi posters and banners as soon as possible,” added another.

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