Survey: You’re more likely to leave self-developed apps like Netflix or Disney+

Survey: You’re more likely to leave self-developed apps like Netflix or Disney+

Over the past few years, if there’s anything we’ve become more addicted to, it’s our streaming services. And with the likes of Disney Plus, Hulu, and Netflix stepping up their game with killer content, other apps are being sidelined to make room in our wallets. Which one will most people delete this year?

Sorry about health and wellness, but weight loss and meditation subscriptions are first. According to market research conducted by Prolific on behalf of Forbes Advisor, we take a look at why so many people are abandoning healthier subscriptions for entertainment.

Subscriptions on the way must be canceled first

Categories considering autumn

  • Dating apps
  • Women’s gear boxes
  • Wellness applications
  • Men’s gear boxes

These dating apps keep getting creepier, so no shock. Since most of the subscriptions are aimed at women, such as clothing and skin care themed apps, and women make most of the financial decisions in the household, there is no big reveal. And if money is tight and we need to double our wealth, we’d rather kick it to the curb.

They are likely to abandon certain applications

  • Calm down
  • tinder
  • Weight Watchers
  • IPS

Tinder should be deleted anyway, but WeightWatchers, Calm and Nutrition app are on the chopping block, kinda sad. We tend to hold back on the “luxuries” we added when we had extra money.

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Subscriptions that we will never get rid of

Categories we never let go

  • Streaming services
  • Music applications
  • Delivery services

We absolutely love streaming our favorite shows, and that will never change. The next best thing to rewatching our comfort show for the 31st time is listening to our favorite song for the 9th time that day. And if we have to leave the house to do anything on the weekend, we cry, so luckily anything can be delivered. Food delivery services and other places where we don’t want to stand in line keep us alive, so these will always be monthly fees that we pay.

Most subscription services

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime
  • Hulu
  • Disney+

There is no need to explain why we watch our shows in the first places of the most popular subscription services. Not only does TV always give us something to do, background entertainment and a best friend on lonely weekends, but then we can go online and read about what we were watching.

Why does this matter? The survey revealed that since we are worried about the increase in inflation, the budget should be reduced first in the area of ​​subscriptions. While Americans prefer streaming TV apps to weight loss or meditation apps, the fact that we choose which subscriptions to keep and which ones to drop suggests a tightening of our collective belts. We know we’d rather watch it again Schitt’s Creek for the third time this year, like picking up a clothes shipping box or a self-improvement app, and everyone else seems to feel the same way.

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