Superior has an application for this – Superior Telegram

Superior has an application for this – Superior Telegram

SUPER — Do you need a building permit or have a parking ticket to pay?

Maybe you’re worried about a pothole or want to know where your plow is after a snowfall.

Superior has apps for that—and more—that you can put in the palm of your hand.

Available in the Google Play and Apple app stores, “My City of Superior” helps residents connect with city government and resources.

“It’s a 311 system that’s been around for quite some time — see a problem, report a problem,” said Assistant Public Works Director Chris Carlson.

While the app gives people a way to report their concerns and track the process as city staff deal with them, he said the app does much more.

People can reserve recreational spaces such as park gazebos and ball fields; check garbage and recycling schedules; access the directory of city offices; look at the regulations; search for city jobs; pay their bills; and stay up to date with town meetings. The app provides access to Duluth Transit Authority and tourism information.

There are even cameras available that offer views of Barker Island and Superior Entry off Wisconsin Point.

“It’s kind of the center of all things urban,” Carlson said.

The information available through the app is likely to change throughout the year.

“Right now, the snowplow tracker is there,” Carlson said. “He probably won’t be there in July.”

When people raise concerns, the information is directed to the appropriate department. The app allows people to track progress as their concerns are addressed and people can respond through the app.

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Councilor Ruth Ludwig, who helped test the app, said it was convenient to be able to report a problem while walking because often you notice something, but when you get home, something happens and the problem is forgotten.

Councilwoman Jenny Van Sickle appreciated being able to access the information from a smartphone.

“This is a very good website; it’s good to get it on the phone, he said. “I mean, with St. Luke’s, I think I almost exclusively communicate with my doctor through the app. I think it’s just something that people are used to… it just makes it really accessible.”

The app was designed by Tyler Technologies, which provides the city with the building permit and inspection software for $7,000 a year.

Shelley Nelson

Shelley Nelson has been a reporter for the Duluth Media Group since 1997 and covered Superior and Douglas County communities and government from 1999 to 2006 for the Duluth News Tribune and the Superior Telegram since 2006. Call 715-395-5022 or snelson.

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