Study finds people who worry about being short more likely to have ‘dark personality traits’

Study finds people who worry about being short more likely to have ‘dark personality traits’

Any woman who has been on a date will recognize the scene. You enter the bar or restaurant; you are excited and enthusiastic and notice him across the room. He sees you, both of you smiling. Then he stands up and you immediately realize he lied about his height. 5ft 7in but said 6ft.

Among my female friends, this has happened over and over again. In fact, I suspect men lie more about their height on dating apps than their age. But who are they trying to deceive? It seems like such a silly lie – once you see them, it’s game over.

I think that says a lot about the power we have for self-deception. These same men have honestly convinced themselves that they are as tall as they say they are. The irony is that I don’t think women are put off by a man being a few inches away from 6ft, it’s men who lie.

Inevitably, they wonder what it says about their date’s character that they would literally compliment themselves like that.

Well, according to a new study last week, there may be very real reason to be cautious. It shows that those who worry about little ones are more likely to have “dark personality traits”, including narcissism and psychopathy.

Researchers at Italy’s University of Padua have suggested that when people can’t be “physically awesome”—in other words, tall—they try to be psychologically “awesome,” which can lead to manipulative, cynical behavior and a lack of empathy for others.

But hold on. We all tend to exaggerate our height, convincing ourselves and others that we are taller than we really are, and we are not all psychopaths!

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I always see this concern around height. When I do physicals at my clinic, no one seems to care much about your blood pressure or heart rate, but they are always very interested in measuring your height. And they are almost always disappointed. “Oh, I thought I was taller,” they used to say.

It’s not uncommon for patients to be so convinced I’ve made a mistake that they ask me to measure them again, and each time they’re convinced they’re taller than they really are. No one ever thought they were shorter.

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