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Star Wars’ newest Disney+ show is now beating Andor in audience demand

Star Wars’ newest Disney+ show is now beating Andor in audience demand

While Lucasfilm’s Andor is quickly becoming one of the best-reviewed projects in Star Wars history, it also has stiff competition in the animated Tales of the Jedi on Disney+.

Star Wars’ newest animated property is one of the most unique projects centered in the galaxy far, far away, composed of six individual novellas centered on Ahsoka Tano and Count Dooku. Featuring nearly a dozen iconic Star Wars actors returning to their roles from previous animated and live-action outings, the series was a hit with fans after its debut.

Tales of the Jedi will be just the latest in an impressive run for the Star Wars franchise, which set viewing records on Disney+ this year with Ewan McGregor’s Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Now, according to the latest official figures, Tales of the Jedi has even surpassed one of its biggest companions in the Star Wars universe in terms of viewership.

New Star Wars show surpasses demand for Andor

According to a new report from Parrot Analytics, Lucasfilm’s Tales of the Jedi is now more in demand in the US compared to Andrew, from the beginning of November.

For this demand analysis, the company takes into account the desire, engagement and viewership for each part of the content. Parrot then uses over a billion different data points from “demand sources”, such as social media, social video platforms, audience activity on informational sites such as Wikipedia and free streaming sites. This gives a figure that is representative of how many times above average the program is in demand by viewers.

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From October 29 to November 4, Tales of the Jedi ranked fourth among all on-air television programs using this metric system, trailing only Stranger Things, The Witcherand The Handmaid’s Tale.

For this last week of data, Tales of the Jedi managed to accumulate demand 37.4 times the average, just on the edge Andorwhich falls just behind at 33.8 times higher than average demand.

Interestingly enough, The Mandalorian isn’t far behind its other Star Wars shows, likely due to the upcoming season fast approaching. Pedro Pascal’s series reaches an impressive 33.4 times the average demand, which is still surprising given that no new episodes are being released as of now, while Andor is still within the release window.

The full overview can be seen below:

Parrot Analytics
Parrot Analytics

Animated Jedi show that performs exceptionally well

Seeing any animated show or movie perform equally well Tales of the Jedi is quite an achievement, as the medium is not usually regarded highly by the general public when pitted against live-action entries in similar franchises.

And to see it do this well against a live-action show in the same series is just as impressive, especially with it as a one-day release going up against a show that Andor which has a new episode every week.

What this means in terms of more animated Star Wars projects going forward is a mystery, though there is currently no indication that Tales of the Jedi is in for new episodes after its first season. But whatever the reason behind this shift, Star Wars is in a great place with two Disney+ projects ranking among the five most-watched series on the air.

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Both Andor and Tales of the Jedi now streaming on Disney+.

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