Sportsbooks Launch Mobile Betting Apps in Massachusetts

Sportsbooks Launch Mobile Betting Apps in Massachusetts

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. – Sports bettors across Massachusetts can bet outside of the casino with the launch of in-state mobile sports betting.

What you need to know

  • Massachusetts sports bettors can now bet outside of a casino with the launch of in-state mobile sports betting.
  • BetMGM sports betting and several other sports betting apps launched on Friday morning and are available for download on most devices
  • Bettors in Massachusetts are only allowed to place bets on state college teams if they are competing with four or more teams.

The BetMGM sports betting app is among many others that launched on Friday morning and is available for download on most devices. Springfield MGM Vice President Robert Westerfield said the new service is very user-friendly and offers plenty of betting options.

“I mean the usual over/unders, money lines, bet the spread, you know those things,” Westerfield said. “But then it all goes crazy — who gets more yards? Who gets more touchdowns? Does the field goal hit the upright? Who wins the coin toss? I mean, if you think about it, it’s more than likely betable.”

As for concerns mobile betting could hurt the in-person gambling business, Westerfield isn’t too concerned.

“Yes, it’s convenient on the phone, on the laptop, and you can get in on the action,” Westerfield said. “But you can’t sit in front of a 44-foot video wall with a bar behind you and waitresses and food and a restaurant if you want to do something different, and that’s what this is really about. The in-person service is second to none, especially at MGM.”

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Westerfield said the casino’s indoor sports betting has not only been a huge success since it launched in January, but has also improved business for the entire casino.

“What we’ve also done is the rest of our business has taken off,” Westerfield said. “There’s an energy in the building that wasn’t there before. It’s been good, but now it’s even better. There’s excitement. You can feel it and the guests are really enjoying it. The book is packed with March Madness for the next four weeks, so it’s an exciting time for us. .”

Bettors can place bets on in-state college teams participating in tournaments with four or more teams, such as the NCAA basketball and hockey tournaments.

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