Southern Alberta First Nation reaches out to members across the board

Southern Alberta First Nation reaches out to members across the board

STAND OFF, Alberta, March 13, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Kainai Blackfoot Nation of Blood Tribe, also known as Blood Tribe, has released a new mobile communication app to better communicate with its members and provide greater access. community engagement.

The Blood Tribe App runs on the Communikit Platform, a specialized mobile application platform created specifically for Aboriginal organizations and communities to communicate with their members in Canada and around the world.

The app will be used to distribute important information, emergency alerts, announcements, event notifications, fillable forms, job opportunities, resources and more – the flexible platform allows sharing of virtually any type of information.

“The Blood Tribe App provides a more user-friendly experience for our members when accessing tribe services and information,” explained Councilor Piinaakoyim Tailfeathers. “Through technology, we are now able to bypass the communication barriers of the past. We live in a new era where almost all our members have a mobile device, now they can stay connected every day! This is a step in the right direction for our government. I would like to thank our communications and IT teams, without whose hard work none of this would be possible.”

Download the official Blood Tribe app for iOS and Android today and never miss an update!

About the Blood Tribe/Kainai nation
The Blood Tribe (known as the Kainai Nation or Káínawa in the Blackfoot language) is a First Nations government in Alberta, approximately 200 km south of Calgary. The Blood Tribe is one of three nations that make up the Blackfoot Confederacy, along with the Siksika Nation and the Piikani Nation.

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The Nation’s registered population is just over 12,800, with approximately 30% living outside the band’s reserve area. the Kainai Nation is also home to renowned artists, academics and educators such as Cherish Violet Blood, Byron Chief-Moon, Faye HeavyShield and Marie Smallface Marule to name a few.

About Communikit
Communikit is a mobile app platform created by Aivia Inc. (pronounced AY-vee-yuh) that allows leaders of Indigenous nations and organizations to communicate with their members anytime, no matter where they are. The first and fastest growing network in Canada, Communikit currently serves over 20,000 users across 82 nations and Indigenous organizations.

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