Smart home apps that engage consumers are key to loyalty

Smart home apps that engage consumers are key to loyalty

Broadband and router providers can revolutionize home networking and open up new revenue streams and resale opportunities using a smart home management app that doubles as a customer engagement tool, argues Gamgee CEO Paul Hendriks.

Speaking about Mobile World Congress 2023 in Barcelona, ​​Paul said the smart home of the future will use the power of Wi-Fi for much more than just broadband connectivity. Services such as home security, care services and energy saving can all be provided over Wi-Fi if end users have a home network / mesh network with the application and intelligence built into a service. Operators distinguish their products from others on the market through the extra services they offer to consumers.

“More Wi-Fi does not mean better Wi-Fi because it causes more interference. With a rich feature set, the application not only acts as a digital smart home platform, solves home Wi-Fi problems and seamlessly manages Wi-Fi, users and devices, but also enables service providers to connect with end users. Paul said. “A fully integrated application with the end user is a powerful engagement tool that can generate product-driven growth for broadband providers. They can start small, maybe with a free service, and once users are engaged, they can try other elements and get customers to spend more and subscribe to more services.”

“The smart home management app is nothing new, but the key is that people are using it,” he continued. “Apps like WhatsApp and Instagram are popular and used frequently because users are constantly engaged. If an app is hidden, it might as well not exist, but when users see it as a digital smart home platform that manages their digital lives, it becomes incredibly valuable.”

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The Gamgee app can be used on users’ mobile devices, providing an overview of all devices connected to the router while measuring Wi-Fi traffic and performance. If needed, you can allocate and prioritize bandwidth for specific devices, such as a laptop for a meeting at work, as another user on your home network, and streaming videos on a tablet. Gamgee’s suite of services includes cyber security, identity protection, VPN service, a specialized and dedicated secure home office network, and soon a home alarm system.

Paul summed it up: “The Gamgee app fits any router, makes your router smarter, and equips users with the tools they need to manage their router seamlessly. The more digital our households become, the more challenging the situation of the existing home network becomes. Our goal is to make complex technologies easier to manage for the user, and everyone can be the IT manager of their own home, controlling their digital life from the palm of their hand.”

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