Serri builds a social marketing application to help brands grow

Serri builds a social marketing application to help brands grow

According to the CMX Community Industry Report 202186% of companies stated the importance of community to their mission, and 69% shared their plans to invest in community building.

This comes at a time when the pandemic has disrupted traditional ways of connecting brands and communities. Many brands today have a very strong online presence and aim to build their own community on social media platforms.

The problem lies in extracting data and information from these communities; the only information they extract from these platforms are long lists of names and bios that clearly indicate nothing.


This hinders the brand’s community building process. The tools currently present in social media are not suitable for running a serious business, where building a community, running marketing campaigns, building a strong customer service, etc.

Co-constructed by Saad Jamal, Wasil, Shubham Raj and Amit Dubey Seri in 2021. It is a community building platform that uses AI chatbots to engage, build and monetize communities across multiple platforms.

Jamal, co-founder and CEO said Entrackr“We offer a mobile app that integrates these social platforms on Discord, WhatsApp, etc. and you can manage and manage these platforms.”

Most users don’t want to switch to a completely different app. Addressing the hesitancy to switch platforms, the chatbot is deployed on pre-existing websites currently used to build these communities, with user-specific responses and personal recommendations.

As data protection remains a challenge, especially in the marketing technology and social technology sector, the chatbot needs only a few initial details to understand the target sectors of interest and the necessary engagement proposals.

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Where other similar products only provide growth and engagement data, Serri provides companies with deep and relevant insights into the changing interests and demographics of their target community, Jamal said. These insights help the company make decisions, help market growth, and facilitate partnerships and collaborations between companies.

Now, it is extremely important that the information given by the chatbot is accurate. AI chatbots are usually built by feeding information and data through interactions and conversations on the Internet. While this can help you get the right answers, it is very prone to giving you wrong data. For an app like Serri, accuracy is extremely important.

A community manager must then intervene in the process. Information and referrals run through intermediary community managers. These community managers run Serrch.

Serrch is one of the platform’s key products and works in sync with Serri. It is used to engage customers individually. This mix of artificial intelligence and human labor is done to ensure that the information transmitted is accurate and relevant.

The company uses a subscription model that varies in pricing and campaign fees based on the number of messages sent. It is currently in alpha testing and focuses on 2-3 communities with over 600 users.

The company, which is currently bootstrapped, is in the process of raising its first round. Due to its wider market adoption rate, it has a strong presence in the US and UK markets compared to the Indian market, hence looking to expand its services to most English speaking countries in the future.

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Its local competitors are Gurugram-based Threado and Bengaluru-based Lens DAO. Internationally, the company is up against Singapore-based and American Blaze AI.

In addition to building a strong B2B SaaS sales team, Serri plans to engage more than 1,000 communities by the end of the financial year. In order to expand its presence, it plans to build additional partnerships in the United States, Europe and the Southeast Asian regions.

THE global enterprise social networks and online communitiesThe market is estimated to be valued at USD 5,539 million in 2021 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 16.5% during the period 2021-28.

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