Selling 10 Apps To Make Money With Everything You Have

Selling 10 Apps To Make Money With Everything You Have

woman posts clothes for sale online


Have you ever heard the expression “every pot has a lid”? It usually refers to romantic matches, but it is also suitable for household items. In the attic, storage unit, or junk drawer, there might just be items that someone else is desperately searching for — and willing to pay cold, hard cash for.

The following apps help you list, sell, and sell your items online, helping you keep usable items out of landfills, reduce space, and put more money back in your pocket. Everyone wins, including Mother Nature.

woman looking at facebook meta on her phone


Facebook Marketplace is now officially Meta Marketplace, but everything else on the popular sales platform remains the same. It is available in 70 countries to more than 1.5 billion people – that’s a lot of potential customers. Keep sales local and arrange delivery or pickup and payment. If you need to ship an item, the social media master provides the shipping label and charges a 5 percent sales fee. Payments for Meta Marketplace sales are made through Messenger. Sellers can make it a little more difficult to sell their products by listing it as an ad for a fee.

2. Next door

    Nextdoor Marketplace iPad screenshot


You may know Nextdoor as a community message board where people can share complaints about their neighbors, but it’s also a marketplace where neighbors can buy and sell their stuff. The app verifies all members and provides the platform that connects parties, but doesn’t offer much else in the service department. Nextdoor merchants must agree on all the details with the buyer – the payment amount, payment method, meeting location, and any other terms they wish to negotiate.

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One plus is that if an item on the list isn’t for sale, you can “toss it up” at a discount and get to the top of the news feed. However, once you reduce the price of an item, you cannot increase the price again.

3. eBay

ebay sellers home screen


Founded in 1995, eBay is OG’s online auction and sales site with over 182 million users worldwide. There are several ways to sell – through an auction lasting up to 10 days, with a fixed price ‘Buy It Now’ function or an ‘Offer’ option which allows buyers to bargain. While most eBay sellers ship long distances or even internationally, it is also possible to list items locally for buyers in your area. Local sales are ideal for bulky products that would otherwise be extremely expensive to ship. Payment is via PayPal, credit card or debit card.

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4. OfferUp

Male small business owner product packed in boxes and prepared for shipping


One of the main advantages of the OfferUp app is a feature called “Community Meetup Spots”, which lists brightly lit areas with security cameras where parties can meet for safe interaction. Local sales are free, payment and exchange must be arranged with the buyer. OfferUp also facilitates distance selling that requires shipping, but charges a fee of 12.9 percent or at least $2 for the service. Another advantage is the seller rating system, so you are rewarded for reliability and customer-friendly behavior.

5. Poshmark

Woman photographs a piece of clothing to sell online


Mostly known as a destination for buying and selling clothes, Poshmark also deals in household goods. The app boasts about 25 million items from 5,000 different brands every day. Most of these are in the clothing and accessories category, but it’s possible for shoppers to find real deals on decor and homewares. Sellers can list their items the old-fashioned way with pictures and descriptions, or use Posh Stories to create engaging videos.

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Poshmark charges a flat fee of $2.95 for sales under $15 and 20 percent for sales over $15. This app can be a good choice if your goods mostly consist of clothes, but you also have some cherries or kitchen gadgets that you can get rid of.

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6. Chair

Vintage orange armchair, blue wardrobe and fancy scarf


Do you want to get rid of high-end, unique vintage, antique or pedigree items? Consider Chairish, a marketplace for used furniture, decor and fine art. It’s a long-term endeavor rather than a one-off, quick-cash venture, but it offers several distinct advantages. Customers are largely interior designers and other industry professionals, not budget homeowners in need of a new light. Chairish helps sellers create attractive, accurate listings and coordinate shipping of large, heavy, unwieldy items, but for that expert help, you’ll pay a hefty fee of up to 40 percent of the item’s selling price.

7. VarageSale

varagesale screenshot


Check out VarageSale for more daily items. It boasts a wide variety of stuff for sale – similar to an analog garage sale – and registration is free. A mandatory verification process increases the trust factor, as does a 24-hour hotline in case an appointment slips. VarageSale transactions take place locally, which can be a pro or con, depending on the personal preferences of the participants.

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8. 5 miles

Screenshot of 5 Mile Home Screen


Another location-based app, 5miles, offers plenty of opportunities to turn your trash into your neighbor’s treasure. 5miles emphasizes security with multiple levels of verification, including internal checks to ensure all listings are authentic. Its aesthetically pleasing, Pinterest-like interface is enjoyable to browse. And unlike many buy/sell/trade sites, 5miles has separate categories for free items, wanted items, pet adoption, lost and found, yard sale posts, housing and jobs. There is also a section where users can offer or receive services such as catering, babysitting, electronics repair, guitar lessons, landscaping and more.

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9. Mercari

Mercari screenshots


Mercari started out of Japan about a decade ago and can sell or buy just about anything. Both local and long-distance options, Mercari should be on your radar if you’re looking to buy things like a St. Patrick’s Day hedgehog-themed wool box, vintage drawer pulls, Hello Kitty fenders, plastic souvenirs. Tumblers circa 1998, collectible, mint condition Charlie’s Angels action figures and other treasures you never knew you needed. Sellers can list their listings for free, but note that Mercari charges a 10 percent fee and a payment processing fee when an item is sold.

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10. Declutr

in his hand, cardboard boxes full of old used computers, phones, tablets, gadgets for recycling


Do you have a device graveyard – a place in your home where old smartphones, e-readers, speakers, headphones and laptops go to waste? Keep electronics out of landfills by selling them with the aptly named Decluttr app. Focusing primarily on gently used technology, Decluttr also accepts books, DVDs, CDs, Blu-rays and video games.

This app allows you to bypass the buyer as you buy the items directly. Simply scan the product barcode and you will receive an instant quote along with the shipping label if you accept the offer. After receipt and quality control of your shipment, Decluttr pays quickly – often the next day – via PayPal or direct deposit.

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