Sceyt launches the in-app chat API

Sceyt launches the in-app chat API

Yerevan, Armenia, March 06, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Sceyt, a CPaaS company specializing in creating communication solutions, introduces the In-App Chat API, a messaging platform that enables developers to create full-fledged chat functions are easily integrated into their applications. With an In-App Chat API integrated into apps, users can securely and seamlessly chat with the business or with each other, resulting in better customer engagement, better collaboration, and ultimately better business results.

With Sceyt’s In-App Chat API, businesses can easily integrate chat functionality into their applications with minimal coding effort. With a focus on rapid messaging, scalability and reliability, Sceyt enables businesses to create engaging online communities that drive collaboration and engagement. In addition, Sceyt offers competitive pricing packages that make it accessible to businesses of all sizes, ensuring that anyone can benefit from its powerful communication tools.

Sceyt Chat API features include real-time messaging for one-to-one and group chats, delivery receipts, unread counts, file and media sharing, push notifications, reactions, user mentions, message threads, and many more engaging features . Messages are delivered as quickly as possible due to proprietary low-latency data transfer technology.

According to Sceyt, the Chat API was designed with security in mind. It uses SSL/TLS 1.3 and AES 256 to encrypt data in transit and at rest, ensuring that all user messages and files are secure and private. High-level security analyzes are performed, and regular data protection is supported by penetration tests.

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“Security and privacy are our top priorities at Sceyt,” said Artashes Vardanov, CTO of Sceyt. “We have implemented strict security measures to ensure that all user data is protected and conversations are completely secure.”

Sceyt Chat SDKs and UI kits are available for seamless integration into iOS, Android and web applications. The API is designed to be simple and intuitive to use, with comprehensive documentation and support. It is highly customizable, allowing businesses to tailor them to their own needs.

In-App Chat API is now available. To learn more about the solution and sign up for a free trial, visit here

About the company: Sceyt’s team consists of highly qualified engineers with a strong communication background. With a passion for empowering businesses with powerful communication tools, the Sceyt team is committed to making in-app chat accessible to everyone. With accessible and user-friendly chat solutions, they hope to help companies of all sizes and types communicate and engage with their customers more effectively. They are constantly looking for new ways to improve and innovate their products and are committed to supporting their customers.


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