RingCentral adds AI guide app to Contact Center

RingCentral adds AI guide app to Contact Center

RingCentral has placed a real-time, AI-driven agent solution for contact center agents and managers in its app gallery.

The significant listing subsidies above 400,000 undertaking customers with the help of RingCentral undertaking cloud communication and contact center system fast access for telephone sales service Powered by Balto and artificial intelligence real time consultation.

Balto is at the forefront of the artificial intelligence and contact center market, with above 150 million calls and delivery above 430 million real time recommendations.

UCaaS and CCaaS integration for RingCentral

The application will integrate with RingCentral’s Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platform and Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) platform. Contact Center customers can receive real-time guidance during live calls and support agents in relaying the right information. The Balto platform is designed to guarantee call quality and more conversions while maintaining strict compliance, reducing agent ramp-up time and maintaining customer satisfaction.

Jim Dvorkin, Vice President of Customer Engagement at RingCentral, confirmed the AI-powered contact center solution, saying, “We are thrilled to be able to offer our customers quick access and seamless integration with Balto.”

RingCentral continues to maintain a close relationship with Balto. THE listing in by RingCentral App Gallery he comes after including recently the nursery company as one to the first partners to join of that RingCentral Enterprises portfolio.

“Balto is transforming the way contact center agents communicate while on the phone, leading to an unbeatable customer experience and direct impact. That is why we are fully behind Balto as a partner, customer and investor.”

Marc Bernstein, founder and CEO of Balto, stated, “RingCentral has built an incredible ecosystem of products in its app gallery. They are known for phenomenal products and distribution that is hard to beat.” Regarding the value of the offering, he added:

“RingCentral is the kind of company you want to partner with. Making Balto available in the App Gallery makes our value proposition for RingCentral customers even more attractive.”

Conversational AI blog

Interestingly, to support the inclusion of Balto in its app gallery – and perhaps as a taster of further ways for the global business cloud company – RingCentral blogged “Conversational AI and conversational intelligence: a step-by-step guide” on its website detailing the difference AI tools make in terms of both customer and employer experiences.

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